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Gender inequality in Honduras

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Gender inequality in Honduras has seen improvements in some areas regarding gender inequality, while others have regressed towards further inequality since in 1980s. Comparing numbers from the 2011 and 2019 United Nations Human Development Reports helps to understand how gender inequality has been trending in Honduras. In the 2011 Human Development Report rankings for the Gender Inequality Index, Honduras ranked 121st out of 187 countries.[1] In the 2019 Human Development Report Honduras dropped to 132nd out of 189 countries in the rankings.[2] As the country's overall ranking dropped, it indicates that progress towards gender equality is not being made on the same level as other countries around the world.

An old Honduran woman resting at the road side in San Ramon Choluteca.

Many of the inequalities stem from longstanding cultural norms and traditions that have been in place for hundreds of years. Dating back to the Spanish colonial influence on the agricultural society of pre-16th century Mesoamerica.

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