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The status of women in Iraq at the beginning of the 21st century is affected by many factors: wars (most recently the Iraq War), sectarian religious debates concerning Islamic law and Iraq's Constitution, cultural traditions, and modern secularism. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women are widowed as a result of a series of wars and internal conflicts. Women's rights organizations struggle against harassment and intimidation, while they work to promote improvements to women's status in the law, in education, the workplace, and many other spheres of Iraqi life, and to curtail abusive practices such as honor killings and forced marriages.

Quick facts: General Statistics, Maternal mortality (...
Women in Iraq
General Statistics
Maternal mortality (per 100,000)63 (2010)
Women in parliament26.5% (2014)[1]
Women over 25 with secondary education22.0% (2010)
Women in labour force16% (2014)[2]
Gender Inequality Index[3]
Value0.577 (2019)
Rank146th out of 162
Global Gender Gap Index[4]
Value0.535 (2021)
Rank154th out of 156

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