Feminism in Nepal

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Feminism in Nepal is primarily concerned with equity and equality of opportunity. Nepali society is traditionally patriarchal. Feminists in Nepal seek to address this situation. Most women in Nepal are placed below to their husbands and fathers in a social hierarchy.

In the past, Nepalese women were treated poorly in every aspect of Nepalese society: social, political, or economic.

Statistics from Violence Against Women,[1] highlights these inequalities:

  • 77 percent of the episodes of violence against women are reported from within the family.
  • 22 percent of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence at least once since the age 15.
  • 43 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment at workplace.
  • Between 5,000 and 12,000 girls and women are trafficked every year. 75 percent of them are below 18 years of age and the majority are sold into forced prostitution.

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