Francisco de Orellana Bejarano Pizarro y Torres de Altamirano (Spanish pronunciation: [fɾanˈθisko ðe oɾeˈʝana]; 1511 – November 1546) was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. In one of the most improbably successful voyages in known history, Orellana managed to sail the length of the Amazon, arriving at the river's mouth on 24 August 1542. He and his party sailed along the Atlantic coast until reaching Cubagua Island, near the coast of Venezuela.

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Francisco de Orellana
A bust of Francisco de Orellana with a patch over his left eye
Trujillo, Spain
DiedNovember 1546 (aged 3435)
Delta of the Amazon River (Today Pará and Amapá, Brazil)
NationalityCastilian (Spanish)
EmployerCharles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Known forFirst known navigation through the length of the Amazon River
SpouseAna de Ayala

Orellana founded the city of Guayaquil in what is now Ecuador, and died during a second expedition on the Amazon.

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