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French Guinea

French colony in West Africa (1891-1958); now the country of Guinea / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

French Guinea (French: Guinée française) was a French colonial possession in West Africa. Its borders, while changed over time, were in 1958 those of the current independent nation of Guinea.

Quick facts: French GuineaGuinée française (French), ...
French Guinea
Guinée française (French)
Constituent of French West Africa
Flag of French Guinea
Green: French Guinea
Lime: French West Africa
Dark gray: Other French possessions
Darkest gray: French Republic
"La Marseillaise"
Noël Ballay
Jean Ramadier
October 1958
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Flag_of_the_Imamate_of_Futa_Djallon_%281896-1912%29.svg Imamate of Futa Jallon
Guinea Flag_of_Guinea.svg
Today part ofGuinea

French Guinea was established by France in 1891, within the same borders as its previous colony known as Rivières du Sud (1882–1891). Prior to 1882, the coastal portions of French Guinea were part of the French colony of Senegal.

In 1891, Rivières du Sud was placed under the colonial lieutenant governor at Dakar, who had authority over the French coastal regions east to Porto-Novo (modern Benin). In 1894 Rivières du Sud, Cote d'Ivoire and Dahomey were separated into 'independent' colonies, with Rivières du Sud being renamed as the Colony of French Guinea. In 1895, French Guinea was made one of several dependent colonies and its Governor became one of several Lieutenant Governors who reported to a Governor-General in Dakar. In 1904, this federation of colonies was formalised as French West Africa. French Guinea, Senegal, Dahomey, Cote d'Ivoire and Upper Senegal and Niger, were each ruled by a lieutenant governor, under the Governor General in Dakar.

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