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Pankou (simplified Chinese: 盘扣; traditional Chinese: 盤扣; pinyin: pánkòu), also called huaniu (Chinese: 花纽; pinyin: Huāniǔ; lit. 'flower buttons') or panhuaniu (Chinese: 盘花纽) in China, are referred as pankou knots, Chinese frog closures and decorative toggles in English language,[1][2][3] is a type of ornamental braiding closure made out of cord, consisting of a button (oftentimes a Chinese button knot for a traditional oriental style[4]:76) and a loop; it is used to fasten garments without creating an overlap.[5]:40 Its purpose is to act as a fastener as well as providing a decorative closure for the garment.[5]:40 It is especially used on the cheongsam, where the pankou represents the cultural essence of the dress.[6] This form of decorative fastener originated from China and was later introduced to other countries outside of China where they are now called frog closures,[4]:76 frogs,[5]:40 and frogging in English-speaking countries.[7]:253 It was first adopted in the military uniform of Western countries, where they gained popularity, before eventually making its way into civilian clothes of both genders, such as overcoats, spencers, and pelisses.[5]:40 Frog fasteners are usual to garments of Asian design, such as a shirt or coat with a mandarin collar, which features frog fasteners at the shoulder and down the front of the garment. In the design of a garment, frogging is the use of braided, frog fasteners is a detail of the overall design of the garment.

Quick facts: Type, Material, Place of origin, Introduced...
Pankou (Frog)
TypeFastening made of fabric
MaterialDiverse, including silk
Place of originAt least the Song dynasty (960–1279 AD), China
IntroducedRest of Asia, Europe, and America
Quick facts: Pankou, Chinese name, Traditional Chines...
Floral pankou, typically used on cheongsam, China
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese盘扣
Simplified Chinese盤扣
Literal meaningFlower buttons
English name
EnglishFrogs/ Frog closures/ Frogging/ Decorative toggles