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A frog (simplified Chinese: 盘扣; traditional Chinese: 盤扣; pinyin: pánkòu, also called huaniu (Chinese: 花纽; pinyin: Huāniǔ; lit. 'flower buttons') or panhuaniu (Chinese: 盘花纽) in China, or frog knots, frogs,[1]:40[2]:253 Chinese frog closures and decorative toggles in English[3][4][5]) is a type of ornamental braiding closure made out of cord, consisting of a button (oftentimes a Chinese button knot for a traditional oriental style[6]:76) and a loop; it is used to fasten garments without creating an overlap.[1]:40 Its purpose is to act as a fastener as well as providing a decorative closure for the garment.[1]:40 It is especially used on the cheongsam, where the frog represents the cultural essence of the dress.[7]

Quick facts: Type, Material, Place of origin, Introduced...
Pankou (Frog)
Willi Parthaune, Leipzig-Leutzsch, Pelz-Konfektions-Artikel aller Art (Katalog) (Seite 08 Posamenten-Knebelverschluss, Ausschnitt)
TypeFastening made of fabric
MaterialDiverse, including silk
Place of originAt least the Song dynasty (960–1279 AD), China
IntroducedAsia, Europe, and North America
Quick facts: Pankou, Chinese name, Traditional Chines...
Floral pankou, typically used on cheongsam, China
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese盘扣
Simplified Chinese盤扣
Literal meaningFlower buttons
English name
EnglishFrogs/ Frog closures/ Frogging/ Decorative toggles

The frog originated from China and later spread beyond it.[6]:76 Western military uniforms adopted the decorative fastener, which then began to appear on the civilian clothes of both genders, such as overcoats, spencers, and pelisses.[1]:40

Frog fasteners are usual to garments of Asian design, such as a shirt or coat with a mandarin collar, which features frog fasteners at the shoulder and down the front of the garment. In the design of a garment, frogging is the use of braided, frog fasteners is a detail of the overall design of the garment.[2]:253

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