Gennadii Rubinstein

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Gennadii Shlemovich Rubinstein (rus: Геннадий Шлемович Рубинштейн) was a Russian mathematician.[1] His research focused on mathematical programming and operations research. His name is associated to the Kantorovich–Rubinstein metric which is commonly known as the Wasserstein distance used in optimal transport.

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Gennadii Shlemovich Rubinstein
Born26 April 1923
Died2 May 2004
Alma materOdessa State University
St. Petersburg State University
Known forExtremal problems
Function spaces
Mathematical programming
Scientific career
Institutions Leningrad State University
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
Novosibirsk State University
Doctoral advisorLeonid V. Kantorovich
Influencedoptimal transport
Mathematical economics
Operations research

Gennadii Rubinstein got his doctorate in St. Petersburg State University in 1956, under the supervision of Leonid V. Kantorovich.

Alternate form of the first name: Gennady.

Alternate forms of the last name: Rubinšteĭn, Rubinshtein.