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Genroku (元禄) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, "year name") after Jōkyō and before Hōei. The Genroku period spanned the years from the ninth month of 1688 to the third month of 1704.[1] The reigning emperor was Emperor Higashiyama (東山天皇).[2]

The period was known for its peace and prosperity,[3] as the previous hundred years of peace and seclusion in Japan had created relative economic stability. The arts and architecture flourished. There were unanticipated consequences when the shogunate debased the quality of coins as a strategy for financing the appearance of continuing Genroku affluence. This strategic miscalculation caused abrupt inflation. Then, in an effort to solve the ensuing crisis, the bakufu introduced what were called the Kyōhō Reforms.

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