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Gili Raanan

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Gili Raanan (born 1969) is an Israeli venture capitalist[1][2] and one of the inventors of CAPTCHA (US patent application with 1997 priority date[3] ), the WAF (web application firewall) and many other inventions in the fields of application security and discovery. Raanan started Sanctum in 1997, and invented the first Web application firewall AppShield[4] and the first Web application penetration testing software AppScan.[5] He later started NLayers which was acquired by EMC Corporation pioneering the science of Application discovery and understanding.[6] He is an investor and a General Partner at Sequoia Capital,[7] the Founder of Cyberstarts,[8] and was a board member at Adallom,[9] Armis Security,[10] Onavo,[11] Moovit,[12] Innovid [13] (NYSE:CTV) and Snaptu.[14]

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Gili Raanan
OccupationPartner at Sequoia Capital & Cyberstarts