Gjermundbu helmet

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The Gjermundbu helmet is a Viking Age helmet.[1][2]

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Gjermundbu helmet
Colour photograph of the Gjermundbu helmet
Gjermundbu Helmet
Ringerike, Norway
Present locationUniversity of Oslo
RegistrationC27317 k

The helmet was discovered during field clearing in 1943 at the Gjermundbu farm near Haugsbygd in the municipality of Ringerike in Buskerud, Norway. Officials at the University of Oslo were later notified. Conservator Sverre Marstrander and museum assistant Charlotte Blindheim led an investigation which confirmed the existence of a burial chamber of historic value dating from the Viking era. The Gjermundbu finds (Gjermundbu-funnet) contained many artifacts including articles of weaponry. The Gjermundbu helmet was found in nine fragments and was subsequently restored. The helmet was made of iron and was in the shape of a peaked cap made from four plates. It is now on display at the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo.[3][4]

Together with the Tjele helmet fragment, Yarm helmet and two fragments from Gotland, and one fragment from Kyiv, it is the only known Viking helmet capable of reconstruction.[5]