Google Marketing Platform

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Google Marketing Platform is an online advertising and analytics platform developed by Google and launched on July 24, 2018.[1] It unifies DoubleClick's advertising services (acquired in March 2008) and Google's own advertising and analytics services.[2][3][4] Google Marketing Platform is mainly used by big advertisers to buy ads on Internet.[5]

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Google Marketing Platform
Initial releaseJuly 24, 2018; 4 years ago (2018-07-24)
TypeDigital marketing, Online advertising, Web analytics

Google Ads (launched in 2000) and Google Ad Manager (launched in 2010) are not parts of Google Marketing Platform.[2][3][4] The three brands are complementary tools targeting different types of ad buyers and presenting slightly different features. However, the addition of Google Marketing Platform to Google's previous offers causes a lot of confusion for people looking to buy ads via Google.[6]