Gordian III

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Gordian III (Latin: Marcus Antonius Gordianus; 20 January 225 – c. February 244) was Roman emperor from 238 to 244. At the age of 13, he became the youngest sole emperor of the united Roman Empire. Gordian was the son of Antonia Gordiana[4] and Junius Balbus, who died before 238.[5] Antonia Gordiana was the daughter of Emperor Gordian I[4] and younger sister of Emperor Gordian II. Very little is known of his early life before his acclamation. Gordian had assumed the name of his maternal grandfather in 238.

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Gordian III
Statue of Gordian III
Bust, 242–244
Roman emperor
Augustusc. August 238 – February 244[1]
PredecessorPupienus and Balbinus
SuccessorPhilip the Arab
Caesarc. May – August 238[2]
Born20 January 225
Rome, Italy
Diedc. February 244 (aged 19)
Marcus Antonius Gordianus[3]
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Marcus Antonius Gordianus Augustus
FatherJunius Balbus
MotherAntonia Gordiana