Government of Kosovo

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The Government of Kosovo (Albanian: Qeveria e Kosovës, Serbian: Влада Косова / Vlada Kosova) exercises executive authority in the Republic of Kosovo.[a] It is composed of government ministers, and is led by the prime minister. The prime minister is elected by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. Ministers are nominated by the prime minister and then confirmed by the assembly.

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Government of Kosovo
Albanian: Qeveria e Kosovës
Serbian: Влада Косова / Vlada Kosova
Established17 February 2008 (2008-02-17)
LeaderPrime Minister of Kosovo
Appointed byPresident of Kosovo
Main organCabinet
Responsible toAssembly of the Republic of Kosovo
HeadquartersGovernment Building, Pristina
Government building in Pristina.

Albin Kurti is the current prime minister of Kosovo. His government, approved by the assembly and installed on March 22, 2021, consists of Albanians, as well as ministers from Kosovo's ethnic minorities, which include Bosniaks, Romani, Turks and Serbs. Although the government includes representatives of ethnic minorities, it is dominated by the Albanian majority, who have most influence on the decision-making.[1]