Great Morava

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The Great Morava (Serbian: Велика Морава, romanized: Velika Morava, pronounced [vêlikaː mɔ̌rava]) is the final section of the Morava (Serbian Cyrillic: Морава), a major river system in Serbia.

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Great Morava
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Native name
Country Serbia
Physical characteristics
  locationStalać, Serbia, from West Morava and South Morava
Danube, east of Smederevo, Serbia
44°42′42″N 21°02′05″E
Length185 km (115 mi)[1]
(with the West Morava: 493 km or 306 mi)
Basin size38,207 km2 (14,752 sq mi)[2]
  average255 m3/s (9,000 cu ft/s) at the mouth
Basin features
ProgressionDanubeBlack Sea