Ground Zero: Texas

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Ground Zero: Texas is a full motion video game, released for the Sega CD in November 1993.[1] The game relies heavily on video footage, with which the player interacts. It contains 110 minutes of interactive footage from four different cameras. It was directed by Dwight H. Little,[2] who is also known for the films Marked for Death and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

Quick facts: Ground Zero Texas, Developer(s), Publisher(s...
Ground Zero: Texas
Ground Zero: Texas
European cover art
Developer(s)Digital Pictures
Publisher(s)Sony Imagesoft
Director(s)Dwight H. Little
Designer(s)Tom Zito
Platform(s)Sega CD, PlayStation 4, Windows
ReleaseSega CD
  • NA: November 1993[1]
  • EU: February 18, 1994
PlayStation 4, Windows (Steam)
  • WW: March 23, 2021
Genre(s)Shooter, interactive movie