H. V. Burlingham

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H. V. Burlingham was a British coachbuilding business based in Blackpool, Lancashire from 1928 until 1960 when they were taken over by London-based rivals Duple Motor Bodies. Duple initially renamed Burlingham as Duple (Northern) but in 1969 they closed their Hendon factory and concentrated production in Blackpool. Duple coach bodies were built in the former Burlingham premises until Duple itself was liquidated in 1989.

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Duple (Northern)
FormerlyH. V. Burlingham (1928–1960)
Founded1928; 95 years ago (1928)
FounderHerbert Victor Burlingham
Defunct1969 (1969)
FateMerged into parent company
United Kingdom
ParentDuple Motor Bodies (1960–1969)