Heath Cobblers

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The Cobblers on the Heath[1] (or Heath Cobblers[2] in Douglas Robinson's 1993 translation; Finnish: Nummisuutarit) is a play by Aleksis Kivi. The play was originally written in 1864. It is divided into five acts: the first act takes place in the room of Topias, the master cobbler, the second in the spacious house of Karri, the owner, and the third takes us to Hämeenlinna and the Halfway House Inn (’Puolmatkan krouvi’). The fourth act takes place in a forest, while the fifth and final act is played out outside Topias's room.

As many as three film adaptations have also been made on the basis of the Heath Cobblers, The Village Shoemakers in 1923, and other adaptations in 1938 and 1957.