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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Turkish language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-tr}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

For a more in-depth coverage of the sounds of Turkish, see Turkish phonology.

Table info: IPA, Example, English approximation, IPA, Exa...
IPA Example English
b Loudspeaker.svgbebek about
β Loudspeaker.svgvücut[1] like vase, but with both lips
c Loudspeaker.svgşekil[2] skew
d Loudspeaker.svgmadde ado
Loudspeaker.svgocak jump
f Loudspeaker.svgfar food
ɡ Loudspeaker.svggam[2] ago
ɟ Loudspeaker.svggerçek[2] argue
h Loudspeaker.svganahtar home
j Loudspeaker.svghayat yes
k Loudspeaker.svgkabak[2] core
l Loudspeaker.svgbilinç[3] late
ɫ Loudspeaker.svgkulak[2] tail
m Loudspeaker.svgcuma much
n Loudspeaker.svgnesne not
ɲ Loudspeaker.svgengin[4] canyon
ŋ Loudspeaker.svgyangın[5] wing
p Loudspeaker.svgpazar pan
ɾ Loudspeaker.svganahtarlar AmE atom
s Loudspeaker.svgsinek send
ʃ Loudspeaker.svgkişi shoe
t Loudspeaker.svgTürkçe table
Loudspeaker.svgçivi change
v Loudspeaker.svgçivi[1] vase
z Loudspeaker.svgpazar zone
ʒ Loudspeaker.svgjilet leisure
IPA Example English
a Loudspeaker.svgkabak father
æ Loudspeaker.svgerkek[6] cat
e Loudspeaker.svgerkek bed
i Loudspeaker.svgçivi creek
o Loudspeaker.svgtokmak story
œ Loudspeaker.svgözgürlük somewhat like bird
u Loudspeaker.svgruh soup
ɯ Loudspeaker.svgkış somewhat like roses
y Loudspeaker.svgTürkçe somewhat like cue
IPA Examples
ˈ torbalı [toɾbaˈɫɯ] 'with bag'
Torbalı [ˈtoɾbaɫɯ] (a place name)[7]
ː â, î, û,[8] ğ[9] lan Loudspeaker.svg[oːˈɫan] 'boy'