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Hovet, Buskerud

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Hovet is a mountain village in Hol, Buskerud, Norway.

Hovet Church
Håkonsæt Fjellvilla
Håkonsæt Fjellvilla

Hovet is located between Strandavatnet and Hovsfjorden. Hovet is the site of Hovet Chapel (Hovet kapell). The church is located in the south-east slope of a hill that shoots out into the valley from the north. It was constructed from drawings prepared by architect Ole Stein and inaugurated in 1910. The walls are built of timber frame and rest on a grouted natural stone foundation. All roofs are covered with slate.[1]

Håkonsæt Fjellvilla is a mountain villa. It is situated in the centre of Hovet, near Hallingskarvet National Park, 15 minutes from Skisenter Hallingskarvet in Sudndalen, Hovet.[2] and 20 min from the ski resorts of Geilo.[3][4]