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Howard Ensign Simmons Jr.

Howard Ensign Simmons Jr. (June 17, 1929 – April 26, 1997) was an American chemist with DuPont who discovered the Simmons–Smith reaction. He was born

Simmons–Smith reaction

alkene (or alkyne) to form a cyclopropane. It is named after Howard Ensign Simmons, Jr. and Ronald D. Smith. It uses a methylene free radical intermediate

Simmons (surname)

gauge Gustavus Simmons (1930), American cryptographer Howard Ensign Simmons, Jr. (1929–1997) American chemist who discovered the Simmons–Smith reaction

DuPont Central Research

accomplishments of Theodore L. Cairns, William D. Phillips, Earl Muetterties, Howard E. Simmons, Jr., and George Parshall were recognized by their election to the National

Scientific phenomena named after people

– August Heinrich Sieberg and Nicholas Ambraseys Simmons–Smith reaction – Howard Ensign Simmons, Jr. Simpson's paradox (a.k.a. Yule–Simpson effect) –