ISO 9564

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ISO 9564 is an international standard for personal identification number (PIN) management and security in financial services.

The PIN is used to verify the identity of a customer (the user of a bank card) within an electronic funds transfer system, and (typically) to authorize the transfer or withdrawal of funds. Therefore, it is important to protect PINs against unauthorized disclosure or misuse. Modern banking systems require interoperability between a variety of PIN entry devices, smart cards, card readers, card issuers, acquiring banks and retailers including transmission of PINs between those entities so a common set of rules for handling and securing PINs is required, both to ensure technical compatibility and a mutually agreed level of security. ISO 9564 provides principles and techniques to meet these requirements.

ISO 9564 comprises three parts,[Note 1] under the general title of Financial services Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security.