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Icecast is a streaming media project released as free software maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. It also refers specifically to the server program which is part of the project. Icecast was created in December 1998/January 1999 by Jack Moffitt[5][6] and Barath Raghavan[6] to provide an open-source audio streaming server that anyone could modify, use, and tinker with. Version 2, a ground-up rewrite aimed at multi-format support (initially targeting Ogg Vorbis) and scalability, was started in 2001 and released in January 2004.[6]

Quick facts: Developer(s), Initial release, Stable release...
Developer(s)Xiph.Org Foundation
Initial release1999; 23 years ago (1999)
Stable release
2.4.4[1][2]  / 31 October 2018
Preview release
2.5.0-beta.3[3][4]  / 13 March 2022
Written inC
Operating systemUnix-like and Microsoft Windows
Typestreaming media server