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Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty (French: Identité, tradition, souveraineté, ITS, stylized its) was a far-right[2][3] political group in the European Parliament which was composed of 23 MEPs from European parties during the 6th term. A common political charter for the group was signed on 9 January 2007, and the group was formally recognized by Parliamentary president Josep Borrell at the start of the EP plenary session on 15 January.[4][5] Following remarks made by ITS member Alessandra Mussolini that Romanian ITS members found insulting, the Greater Romania Party (PRM) withdrew from the group, thus disqualifying it as an official group. Hence, it formally ceased to exist on 14 November 2007.[6][7][8]

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Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty
European Parliament group
NameIdentity, Tradition, Sovereignty
English abbr.ITS
French abbr.ITS
Formal nameIdentity, Tradition and Sovereignty Group
Political positionFar-right
From15 January 2007
To14 November 2007
Chaired byBruno Gollnisch