Industrial management

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Industrial management is a branch of engineering which facilitates creation of management system and integrates the diverse engineering processes. Industrial Management deals with industrial design, construction, management, and application of science and engineering principles to improve the entire industrial infrastructure and industrial processes.

Industrial Management focuses on the management of industrial processes. Industrial Managers can be said to be responsible for proper and the most efficient interaction of 4Ms: Man, Material, Machine and Method (which every organization needs).

Industrial management also involves studying the performance of machines as well as people. Specialists are employed to keep machines in good working condition and to ensure the quality of their production. The flow of materials through the plant is supervised to ensure that neither workers nor machines are idle. Constant inspection is made to keep output up to standard.

As a part of engineering and particularly related to the manufacturing engineering industry, studies the structure and organization of industrial companies. It comprises those fields of industrial issues that are necessary for the success of companies within the manufacturing sector.