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The Liberal Initiative (Portuguese: Iniciativa Liberal, pronounced [inisjɐˈtivɐ liβɨˈɾaɫ], IL) is a liberal political party in Portugal currently led by Rui Rocha.

Quick facts: Liberal Initiative Iniciativa Liberal, Abbrev...
Liberal Initiative
Iniciativa Liberal
PresidentRui Rocha
Secretary-GeneralMiguel Rangel
Founded13 December 2017
HeadquartersAvenida do Bessa, 158 E 4100-012 Porto
Membership (February 2023)6,300[1]
Classical liberalism
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing
European affiliationAlliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe[2][3]
Colours  Sky blue
Assembly of the Republic
8 / 230
European Parliament
0 / 21
1 / 104
Local government
0 / 308
Local government
0 / 3,091
Election symbol

It has 8 elected members of the parliament out of a total of 230 seats in the Portuguese Parliament.

The party was founded in December 2017, and in October 2019, its debut year at the Portuguese legislative elections, it won one seat in the Portuguese Parliament.[4] It had run in its first elections in May 2019 for the European Parliament and in 2020 supported its first government coalition, at regional level, after the 2020 Azorean regional election.[5]

The party espouses an economically liberal platform, including support for a lighter tax burden and a flat income tax, privatisation of state-owned companies, reduction of waste and overcapacity in the civil service, free trade and the liberalisation of the economy with increased labour market flexibility.[6] However, it intends to preserve a welfare state to a certain extent.[7] In other dimensions of life, the party favours views aligned with cultural and secular liberalism.[8]