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Internally displaced person

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An internally displaced person (IDP) is someone who is forced to leave their home but who remains within their country's borders.[2] They are often referred to as refugees, although they do not fall within the legal definitions of a refugee.[3]

Villagers fleeing gunfire in a camp for internally displaced persons during the 2008 Nord-Kivu war
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with internally displaced people during the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Okie mother and children, internally displaced by the Dust Bowl in the United States in the 1930s.
Quick facts: Total population, Regions with significant po...
Internally displaced people
Total population
57.3 million[1] (2022)
Regions with significant populations
Europe7.2 million
East and Horn of Africa, and Great Lakes2.6 million
Southern Africa2.6 million
Asia and the Pacific1.4 million
West and Central Africa1.3 million
Middle East and North Africa0.4 million
Americas0.2 million

At the end of 2014, it was estimated there were 38.2 million IDPs worldwide, the highest level since 1989, the first year for which global statistics on IDPs are available. As of 3 May 2022, the countries with the largest IDP populations were Ukraine (8 million),[4][5][6][7] Syria (7.6 million), Ethiopia (5.5 million),[8] the Democratic Republic of the Congo (5.2 million), Colombia (4.9 million),[9] Yemen (4.3 million),[10] Afghanistan (3.8 million),[11] Iraq (3.6 million), Sudan (2.2 million), South Sudan (1.9 million), Pakistan (1.4 million), Nigeria (1.2 million) and Somalia (1.1 million).[12]

The United Nations and the UNHCR support monitoring and analysis of worldwide IDPs through the Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.[2][13]

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