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Interstate Commerce Commission

Defunct United States federal regulatory agency (1887-1996) / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was a regulatory agency in the United States created by the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887. The agency's original purpose was to regulate railroads (and later trucking) to ensure fair rates, to eliminate rate discrimination, and to regulate other aspects of common carriers, including interstate bus lines and telephone companies. Congress expanded ICC authority to regulate other modes of commerce beginning in 1906. Throughout the 20th century, several of ICC's authorities were transferred to other federal agencies. The ICC was abolished in 1995, and its remaining functions were transferred to the Surface Transportation Board.

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Interstate Commerce Commission
Agency overview
FormedFebruary 4, 1887
DissolvedJanuary 1, 1996
Superseding agency
JurisdictionUnited States
Key documents

The Commission's five members were appointed by the President with the consent of the United States Senate. This was the first independent agency (or so-called Fourth Branch).