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The Iñupiat (or Inupiat, Iñupiaq or Inupiaq[2]) are a group of indigenous Alaskans whose traditional territory roughly spans northeast from Norton Sound on the Bering Sea to the northernmost part of the Canada–United States border.[3][4][5][6] Their current communities include 34 villages across Iñupiat Nunaat (Iñupiaq lands), including seven Alaskan villages in the North Slope Borough, affiliated with the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation; eleven villages in Northwest Arctic Borough; and sixteen villages affiliated with the Bering Straits Regional Corporation.[7] They often claim to be the first people of the Kauwerak.[8]

Quick facts: Total population, Regions with significant po...
Iñupiat sharing a kunik at a Nalukataq,
in Utqiaġvik, Alaska
Total population
20,709 (2015)
Regions with significant populations
North and northwest Alaska (United States)
English, Inupiaq[1]
Christianity, Animism
Related ethnic groups
Inuit, Yupik