Invisible College

Informal group of scholars, as in Royal Society of London's precursor groups / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Invisible College is the term used for a small community of interacting scholars who often met face-to-face, exchanged ideas and encouraged each other. One group that has been described as a precursor group to the Royal Society of London consisted of a number of natural philosophers around Robert Boyle, such as Christopher Wren.[2] It has been suggested that other members included prominent figures later closely concerned with the Royal Society;[3] but several groups preceded the formation of the Royal Society, and who the other members of this one were is still debated by scholars.

Emblematic image of a Rosicrucian College; illustration from Speculum sophicum Rhodo-stauroticum, a 1618 work by Theophilus Schweighardt. Frances Yates identifies this as the "Invisible College of the Rosy Cross".[1]