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The Jastorf culture was an Iron Age material culture in what is now northern Germany and the southern Scandinavian Peninsula,[1] spanning the 6th to 1st centuries BC, forming the southern part of the Pre-Roman Iron Age. The culture evolved out of the Nordic Bronze Age.

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Jastorf culture
Geographical rangeNorthern Germany and southern Scandinavia
PeriodIron Age
Datescirca 6th century BC circa 1st century BC
Preceded byNordic Bronze Age
Followed byRoman Iron Age
Archeological cultures of Central Europe in the Late Pre-Roman Iron Age:
  Nordic group
  House Urns culture
  Oksywie culture
  late phase Jastorf culture
  Gubin group of Jastorf
  Przeworsk culture
  Western Balt culture
  Eastern Balt forest zone cultures
  Zarubintsy culture

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