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Joe Madureira

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Joe Madureira (born December 1974), often called Joe Mad,[1][2] is an American comic book artist and game developer, best known for his work on Darksiders, Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Men and his creator-owned comic book Battle Chasers. He is the founder of video game development companies Vigil Games and Airship Syndicate.

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Joe Madureira
Madureira at the Big Apple Convention in Manhattan, October 2, 2010
BornDecember 1974
Area(s)Penciller, Inker
Pseudonym(s)Joe Mad
Notable works
Battle Chasers
Uncanny X-Men

Madureira's style combines Western comic book influences (most notably the influence of artist Arthur Adams) though it evolved to incorporate heavy influences from Japanese manga and video games.[3][4][5]