Kasparov versus the World

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Kasparov versus the World was a game of chess played in 1999 over the Internet.[1] It was a consultation game, in which a World Team of thousands decided each move for the black pieces by plurality vote, while Garry Kasparov conducted the white pieces by himself. More than 50,000 people from over 75 countries participated in the game.

Animation of the game

The host and promoter of the match was the MSN Gaming Zone, with sponsorship from First USA bank.[2] After 62 moves played over four months, Kasparov won the game. The game produced a mixture of deep tactical and strategic ideas; Kasparov wrote that he had never expended as much effort on any other game in his life.[2] He later said, "It is the greatest game in the history of chess. The sheer number of ideas, the complexity, and the contribution it has made to chess make it the most important game ever played."[2]