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Kurobe Gorge Railway

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Kurobe Gorge Railway
Kurobe Gorge Railway

The Kurobe Gorge Railway (黒部峡谷鉄道株式会社, Kurobe Kyōkoku Tetsudō Kabushiki Kaisha), or Kurotetsu (黒鉄) for short, is a private, 762 mm (2 ft 6 in) narrow gauge railway company operating the Kurobe Gorge Main Line along the Kurobe River in the Kurobe gorge area of Toyama Prefecture, Japan. The railway was built to serve the construction of the Kurobe dam for the Kansai Electric Power Company, which was completed in 1963; Kurotetsu was spun off from the power company in June 1971, but remains a wholly owned subsidiary. At its terminus, the Main Line links to Kurobe Senyō Railway, which is not open to general public.

In 2008 the company operated 27 locomotives, 138 passenger carriages and 322 freight wagons.


The Unazuki - Nekomata section opened in 1926, electrified at 600 VDC and was extended to Keyakidaira in 1937.

The passenger service started in 1953.


All stations are in Kurobe, Toyama.


●: Served by passenger trains
▲: Served by passenger trains only during April–May
|: Closed to passengers

Name Japanese Distance Train stop
Unazuki 宇奈月 0.0
Yanagibashi 柳橋 2.1
Moriishi 森石 5.1
Kuronagi 黒薙 6.5
Sasadaira 笹平 7.0
Dashidaira 出平 9.1
Nekomata 猫又 11.8
Kanetsuri 鐘釣 14.3
Koyadaira 小屋平 17.5
Keyakidaira 欅平 20.1


No. 29
No. 29

Electric locomotives

  • EB class (Nos. 1–3, 5–7): withdrawn from service in 1984.
  • ED class (Nos. 8–11): 9–11 survive.
  • EDS class (Nos. 13, 15–17): No. 13 survives.
  • EDM class (Nos. 22, 23, 30–32)
  • EDR class (Nos. 17–21,24–29,33)
  • EHR class (Nos. 101, 102)

Battery electric locomotives

  • BB class (Nos. 1,2)

Diesel locomotives

  • DB class (No. 11): withdrawn 1985
  • DD21: withdrawn 1979
  • DD22, DD23: DD23 withdrawn 2000
  • DD24

Passenger cars

  • Ha () class: 2-axle open car.
  • 1000 class: open car
  • 2000 class: heated car with fixed, widthwise seats, extra charge to ride
  • 2500 class: heated car with reversible seats so that passengers can always ride facing forward, extra charge to ride
  • 2800 class: lounge car, heated, reversible seats, extra charge to ride
  • 3000 class: panoramic observation car, extra charge to ride

Freight cars

Freight cars of the Kurobe Gorge Railway
Freight cars of the Kurobe Gorge Railway
  • wa () class (boxcar)
  • oshi (オシ) class depressed center flatcar
  • muchi (ムチ) class flatcar
  • nachi (ナチ) class flatcar
  • ochi (オチ) class flatcar
  • oto (オト) class gondola
  • to () class gondola
  • chi () class flatcar
  • shi () class depressed center flatcar

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Kurobe Gorge Railway
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