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L.A. Tool & Die is a 1979 American gay pornographic film directed by Tim Kincaid, better known as Joe Gage. It is the concluding film in what has come to be known as Gage's "Working Man Trilogy", the first two being 1976's Kansas City Trucking Co. and 1978's El Paso Wrecking Corp..[1] It stars Richard Locke and features Will Seagers and Paul Barresi in a heterosexual scene with Becky Savage.

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L.A. Tool & Die
Promotional theatrical poster
Directed byTim Kincaid (as Joe Gage)
Written byTim Kincaid (as Joe Gage)
Produced bySam Gage
StarringRichard Locke
Michael Kearns
Will Seagers
Paul Barresi (as Paul Baressi)
Edited byD.J. Davis
Music byAl Steinman
Release date
Running time
88 min.
CountryUnited States

John Burger, the author of One-Handed Histories: The Eroto-Politics of Gay Male Video Pornography, describes the film as "the story of an unrequited love, in which Richard Locke follows the man of his dreams across the country. They eventually live happily ever after."[2] Burger adds that this film came at the very end of the pre-AIDS filmmaking, when "all levels of erotic experience were faithfully documented by the porn industry... men could be whores, men could be monogamous or men could cruise the spectrum in between."[2]