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Leonid Nisonovich Vaserstein (Russian: Леонид Нисонович Васерштейн) is a Russian-American mathematician, currently Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University.[1] His research is focused on algebra and dynamical systems. He is well known for providing a simple proof of the Quillen–Suslin theorem, a result in commutative algebra, first conjectured by Jean-Pierre Serre in 1955, and then proved by Daniel Quillen and Andrei Suslin in 1976.[2]

Quick facts: Leonid N. Vaserstein, Alma mater, Known&...
Leonid N. Vaserstein
Alma materMoscow State University
Known forDynamical systems, Algebra
Scientific career
InstitutionsPenn State University
Doctoral advisorIlya I. Piatetski-Shapiro
Influencedearth mover's distance
Wasserstein metric

Leonid Vaserstein got his Master's degree and doctorate in Moscow State University, where he was until 1978. He then moved to Europe and United States.

Alternate forms of the last name: Vaseršteĭn, Vasershtein, Wasserstein.

The Wasserstein metric was named after him by R.L. Dobrushin in 1970.