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The Library of Catalonia (Catalan: Biblioteca de Catalunya, IPA: [biβli.uˈtɛkə ðə kətəˈluɲə]) is the Catalan national library,[1][2] located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The primary mission of the Library of Catalonia is to collect, preserve, and spread Catalan bibliographic production and that related to the Catalan linguistic area, to look after its conservation, and to spread its bibliographic heritage while maintaining the status of a center for research and consultation.[3]

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Library of Catalonia
Biblioteca de Catalunya
Main entrance
Main entrance
41°22′52″N 2°10′11″E
LocationC/Hospital, 56
TypeNational library
Established1907 (113 years ago)
Items collectedBooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and music recordings, maps, stamps, prints, drawings and manuscripts
Size3,967,439 items
Legal depositYes, since 1981
Access and use
Access requirementsReaders must be over 18 years of age, and have a reader's card
Members299,552 (2019)
Other information
Budget7,837,130 € (2020)
DirectorEugènia Serra Edit this on Wikidata
Employees152 (2020)
Main hall
Former hospital building where the library was inaugurated in 1940

The Library occupies 8,820 m² and has nearly about four million items. It is a special member of the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL).[4]

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