List of Alpha Phi Alpha National Conventions

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The general conventions and other national conventions of Alpha Phi Alpha (ΑΦΑ) are as follows:[1]

Table info: Number, Host chapter(s), Location, Dates, Ann...
Number Host chapter(s) Location Dates Anniversary Notes Refs
1st Β Howard University
Washington, D. C.
December 28, 1908 [2][3]
2nd Γ Virginia Union University
Richmond, Virginia (One source says NYC)
December 27, 1909December 29, 1909 [2][4]
3rd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania December 29, 1910December 31, 1910 [2][4]
4th Ε 1017 E. Catherine Street
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan
December 27, 1911December 30, 1911 [2][4][5][6]
5th Κ Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
December 26, 1912December 28, 1912 [2]
6th Β Howard University
Washington, D. C.
December 29, 1913December 31, 1912 Conception of the Sphinx came out [7][8]
7th Θ Chicago, Illinois December 29, 1914 [4][9]
8th Ο University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
December 27, 1915December 29, 1915 [4][10][11]
9th Γ Virginia Union University
Richmond, Virginia
December 27, 1916December 30, 1916 [12][13]
10th Ρ and Ν Philadelphia, Pennsylvania December 26, 1917December 29, 1917 [12][14][15]
11th Π Cleveland, Ohio December 27, 1918December 31, 1918 [16]
12th Θ Chicago, Illinois 1919
13th ΒΛ Kansas City, Missouri 1920
14th ΔΛ Baltimore, Maryland December 17, 1921December 20, 1921 Followed by travel to DC on December 28, 1921 for Initiation of Frederick Douglass into Omega chapter. [17][18]
15th ΕΛ St. Louis, Missouri December 27, 1922December 31, 1922 [19][20][21]
16th Κ Columbus, Ohio December 27, 1923December 31, 1923 Delta Sigma Theta convention held simultaneously in Columbus [20][22][23]
17th Η New York City, New York December 27, 1924 [22][23][24]
18th ΓΛ Detroit, Michigan December 1925 (Holiday season) [25]
19th Γ Virginia Union University
Richmond, Virginia
December 27, 1926December 31, 1926 [25][26][27]
20th Π Cleveland, Ohio 1927
21st Ρ and Ψ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1928
22nd ΑΦ, ΑΡ, and ΗΛ Atlanta, Georgia December 28, 1929December 31, 1929 [28]
23rd ΑΑ Cincinnati, Ohio 1931 25th
24th ΕΛ St. Louis, Missouri 1933 27th [19][29]
Θ, ΞΛ Chicago, Illinois August 19, 1934August 22, 1934 Special devoted to ending Jim Crow practices in public education. [30][31]
25th Χ, ΑΧ, ΒΟ and ΤΛ Nashville, Tennessee December 28, 1935December 31, 1935 29th Hosted at Tennessee State University campus. [32][33][34]
ΑΔ Los Angeles, California 1936 Pan-Pacific
26th ΒΤ and ΣΛ New Orleans, Louisiana 1937 31st [6]
27th Η and ΑΓΛ New York City, New York August 28, 1939 Began use of "General Convention" [35]
28th ΒΛ Kansas City, Missouri December 30, 1940 Tri-Convention with Alpha Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha Psi, Membership requirement to be Negro removed [36][37][38]
29th ΑΛ Louisville, Kentucky 1941 35th
30th ΑΘΛ Atlantic City, New Jersey 1944 38th
31st Θ and ΞΛ Chicago, Illinois 1945 39th
32nd Κ and ΑΡΛ Columbus, Ohio 1946 40th
33rd ΑΤΛ Tulsa, Oklahoma December 28, 1947 41st Speech by Former Vice President Henry A. Wallace read. [39]
34th ΑΘΛ Atlantic City, New Jersey 1948 42nd
35th ΗΛ, ΑΡ-ΑΦ and Ι Atlanta, Georgia 1949 43rd Theme: Segregation must go [40]
36th ΒΛ Kansas City, Missouri 1950 44th Tri-Convention with Alpha Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha Psi [37]
37th ΑΕ Berkeley, California December 27, 1951December 30, 1951 45th [41][42]
38th Π and Δ-ΑΛ Cleveland, Ohio December 26, 1952December 30, 1952 46th Joint convention with Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta. Kappa Alpha Psi, Sigma Gamma Rho and Zeta Phi Beta. Constitution change: admission "regardless of race, color or creed" [43][44]
39th ΓΛ and ΑΥ Detroit, Michigan December 27, 1953December 31, 1953 47th Theme: "First of All Servants of All" Speakers included Thurgood Marshall(Jointly with Phi Beta Sigma) and Archibald Carey Jr. [45][46]
40th ΒΒΛ Miami, Florida December 27, 1954December 30, 1954 48th [47][48]
41st Θ and ΞΛ Morrison Hotel
Chicago, Illinois
December 27, 1955December 30, 1955 49th Theme:"Desegregation the mode; Total Integration the Goal" National Headquarters in Chicago Dedicated [49]
42nd ΡΛ and the General Organization Buffalo, New York August 7, 1956August 11, 1956 50th Theme: "Building on the Past--To Face the Challenges of the Future." Speakers: New York Governor W. Averell Harriman, Kentucky Senator John Sherman Cooper, Martin Luther King Jr. [50][51][52][53]
43rd ΑΔ, ΓΞ, and ΒΨΛ Los Angeles, California 1957 51st
44th Ρ, ΖΟΛ, and Ψ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1958 52nd [54]
45th ΑΑ and ΔΓΛ Cincinnati, Ohio December 26, 1959December 30, 1959 53rd Joint convention with Alpha Kappa Alpha [37][55][56][57]
46th Β, ΜΛ and ΟΛΑ Washington, D. C. August 19, 1960August 23, 1960 54th [58]
47th ΑΛ, ΑΒΛ, ΓΒΛ, and ΥΛ Louisville, Kentucky December 1961 55th [59]
48th Κ and ΑΡΛ Columbus, Ohio December 1962 56th Last Wintertime General Convention [60]
49th Σ and ΕΓ Boston, Massachusetts August 16, 1963August 22, 1963 57th [61]
50th Η, ΑΓΛ, ΗΖΛ, ΔΧ, ΓΙΛ, ΖΖΛ, ΗΧΛ, and ΗΘΛ New York City, New York August 14, 1964August 20, 1964 58th Theme: Communication - Excellence: Key to Equality [62][63]
51st Θ and ΞΛ Chicago, Illinois August 1965 59th Speakers: Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley [64]
52nd ΔΗ, ΑΕΛ, ΔΕΛ and ΕΛ St. Louis, Missouri 1966 60th [19]
53rd ΒΨΛ, ΓΞ and ΑΔ Los Angeles, California 1967 61st
54th ΑΥ and ΓΛ Detroit, Michigan August 1968 62nd [6][65]
55th ΔΘ and ΑΗΛ Shamrock Hotel
Houston, Texas
August 1969 63rd [66][67]
56th Ψ, Ρ and ΖΟΛ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1970 64th
57th ΔΧΛ and ΕΤ Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1971 65th
58th ΔΨΛ and ΙΟΛ Denver, Colorado 1972 66th [6]
59th ΣΛ, ΒΦ, and ΕΥ Roosevelt-Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana August 1973 67th [68]
60th Bay Area Chapters Bay Area 1974 68th
61st ΒΒΛ and Miami Area chapters Fontainebleau Hotel
Miami Beach, Florida
August 1, 1975August 7, 1975 69th Theme:Alpha's Outreach to Business [69][70][71]
62nd Greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut chapters New York City, New York July 30, 1976August 3, 1976 70th Phase I [72]
62nd ΗΕΛ Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa August 3, 1976August 9, 1976 70th Phase II [72][73][74]
63rd Ι and ΕΛ Atlanta Hilton
Atlanta, Georgia
August 5, 1977August 10, 1977 71st [75][76][77]
64th Μ and ΓΞΛ Minneapolis, Minnesota July 28, 1978August 3, 1978 72nd [78]
65th Β and ΜΛ Washington, D. C. August 3, 1979August 9, 1979 73rd Theme: "ALPHAS IN GOVERNMENT: Planning for the Future of Our Children" Speaker: UN Ambassador Andrew Young [79][80]
66th ΞΛ Chicago, Illinois August 1, 1980 74th [81]
67th ΑΣΛ Dallas, Texas July 31, 1981August 6, 1981 75th Theme: Saluting the Past Securing the Future (The Agenda for the '80s). Speakers: Chris Edley, Vernon Jordan, Maynard Jackson and Ernest Morial [82][83][84]
68th ΓΞ and ΒΨΛ Los Angeles, California August 1982 76th Speaker:Jesse Jackson and John E. Jacob [85]
69th ΣΛ New Orleans, Louisiana 1983 77th
70th Π and ΔΑΛ Stouffer's Inn on the Square (now Renaissance Cleveland Hotel)
Cleveland, Ohio
August 3, 1984August 7, 1984 78th [86][87]
71st ΗΛ Atlanta, Georgia August 1985 79th [88]
72nd ΜΛ Washington Hilton
Washington, D. C.
July 31, 1986August 6, 1986 80th [89][90]
73rd ΓΧΛ San Francisco Hilton
San Francisco, California
July 23, 1987July 29, 1987 81st [91]
74th ΒΛ Kansas City, Missouri 1988 82nd
75th ΜΝ and ΔΡΛ Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk hotels
San Antonio, Texas
July 27, 1989August 2, 1989 83rd [92][93]
76th ΒΒΛ Fontainebleau Hotel
Miami Beach, Florida
August 2, 1990February 8, 1990 84th [94]
77th ΒΑ and ΔΛ Omni Radisson
Baltimore, Maryland
August 1991 85th [95]
78th ΝΤΛ Anaheim, California August 1992 86th [96]
79th ΣΛ New Orleans July 29, 1993August 4, 1993 87th Speaker Sen. Edward Brooke [97][98]
80th ΞΛ Chicago Hilton Hotel and Towers
Chicago, Illinois
August 1994 88th Speaker Lee Brown, Cardiss Collins, Alexis M. Herman, Dennis Archer, John H. Johnson, Marian Wright Edelman, Horace Dawson and Bobby Austin [99][100]
81st ΔΞΛ Orlando, Florida August 1995 89th Speaker John Hope Franklin, Delano Lewis, Hugh B. Price and Marc Morial [101]
ΣΛ New Orleans, Louisiana August 1996 90th National Alpha Scholarship Forum: Speaker Edward Brooke and Horace Dawson [102][103]
82nd ΜΛ Washington, D. C. July 31, 1997August 4, 1997 91st Speaker James A. Joseph [104][105]
ΙΕΛ Nassau Marriott Resort and Crystal Palace Hotels
Nassau, Bahamas
August 2, 1998 92nd Economics Empowerment Seminar [106]
83rd ΑΣΛ and ΞΤΛ Wyndham Anatole
Dallas, Texas
July 29, 1999August 3, 1999 93rd [107]
ΑΡ and ΗΛ Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, Georgia
August 3, 2000August 8, 2000 94th Millennium Convention [108][109]
84th ΡΙ and ΣΛ Marriott Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
August 2, 2001August 7, 2001 95th [110]
Μ and ΓΞΛ Bally's Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada (Both Μ and ΓΞΛ are in Minneapolis)
August 1, 2002August 4, 2002 96th Economic Development Conference [111]
85th ΠΥ and ΓΛ Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan
July 31, 2003August 5, 2003 97th [112]
Ψ and Ρ Philadelphia Marriott
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 5, 2004August 8, 2004 98th [113]
86th ΔΘ and ΑΗΛ Hilton Americas Hotel
Houston, Texas
August 4, 2005August 8, 2005 99th [67]
Β and ΜΛ Marriott Wardman Park
Washington, D. C.
July 25, 2006July 30, 2006 100th Centennial; Speaker Hugh B. Price, Andrew Young, Lou Gossett Jr. and Bill Pinkney [114][115][116]
87th ΔΞΛ Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
August 9, 2007August 13, 2007 101st [117][118][119]
88th Bartle Hall Convention Center
Kansas City
July 17, 2008July 21, 2008 102nd [120]
89th Hilton New Orleans Riverside
New Orleans, Louisiana
July 15, 2009July 19, 2009 103rd [121][122]
90th Bally's Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
July 21, 2010July 25, 2010 104th Moved from Phoenix, Arizona [123][124]
91st Hilton Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
June 22, 2011June 26, 2011 105th Theme: A Global Vision for Brotherhood: Gateway to the Dream [125][126][127]
92nd ΓΗΛ Hilton Austin
Austin, Texas
June 26, 2013June 30, 2013 107th Theme: Few in Number, Mighty in Power, Influence in Service [128][129]
93rd ΒΝΛ, ΑΟ, ΜΤ, and ΤΟ Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, North Carolina
August 5, 2015August 9, 2015 109th Theme: Focused on the Future: Investing in our Community, Health, Wealth and Self. [130][131]
94th Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland
July 12, 2017July 16, 2017 111th Theme: The Urgency of Now [132]
95th Bally’s Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
July 24, 2019

July 28, 2019

113th Theme:”Alpha Advocacy in Action: Silence Is Not An Option,” [133]
96th ΙΛ, ΓΡ, and ΘΞ JW Mariott
July 14, 2021

July 18, 2021

115th Theme:Elevating the Alpha Spirit: Men of Distinction Impacting our Communities [134]