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List of Nebraska Connecting Link, Spur, and Recreation Highways

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Nebraska Connecting Link, Nebraska Spur, and Nebraska Recreation Road highways are a secondary part of the Nebraska highway system. They connect small towns and state parks to the primary Nebraska highway system. All of these highways are maintained by the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

A connecting link, or simply a link, highway connects two primary highways. A spur highway is a highway which goes from a primary highway to a city or state park not on any other highway. A recreation road is a road in a state park, which is designated as such by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, though maintained by NDOT.

Highways are generally marked in the format of S-x-Y or L-x-Y, where S or L indicates whether it is a spur or a link, x is the county the highway is in, with ranking in alphabetical order (1 is Adams County, while 93 is York County), and Y is the letter which "numbers" the highway. Recreation Roads are typically unsigned.[1]


In 1955, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law requiring all incorporated communities with a population over 100 to be included in the state highway system. The original numbering system required placing a single digit in front of the highway number it was connecting with. In 1971, the system was changed to the current system.[2]

Connecting Links

Number Length (mi)[3][4] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Counties Formed Removed Notes
L-1E 0.21 0.34 US 281 east of Ayr N-74 east of Ayr Adams Unsigned turning lane
L-2C N-14 east of Royal US 20 east of Royal Antelope 01971-02-211971 01996-01-011996 demolished
L-6A 0.10 0.16 N-14 southeast of Albion N-39 southeast of Albion Boone Turning lane from N-14 to N-39
L-7E 10.27 16.53 N-2 in Hemingford N-87 east of Hemingford Box Butte Formerly an alignment of N-87; segment east of US 385 previously a segment of US 385
L-10B 1.98 3.19 I-80 south of Odessa US 30 south of Odessa Buffalo
L-10C 3.89 6.26 I-80 south of Gibbon US 30 south of Gibbon Buffalo
L-10D 3.99 6.42 I-80 south of Shelton US 30 south of Shelton Buffalo
L-10E 0.30 0.48 US 30 in Elm Creek US 183 in Elm Creek Buffalo Turning lane from US 30 to US 183
L-10F 0.54 0.87 US 30 east of Kearney N-10 east of Kearney Buffalo 02016-01-012016 current Allows access between US 30 and the new East Kearney Bypass, N-10
L-14D 0.46 0.74 N-15/N-59 north of Laurel US 20 north of Laurel Cedar 02015-01-012015
L-17B 0.72 1.16 I-80 south of Potter US 30 in Potter Cheyenne
L-17C 1.07 1.72 I-80 southwest of Brownson US 30 southwest of Brownson Cheyenne
L-17D I-80 south of Sidney US 30 in Sidney Cheyenne 01984-01-011984 decommissioned and replaced by a rerouted N-19 in 1984
L-17E 3.05 4.91 I-80 south of Sunol US 30 south of Sunol Cheyenne
L-17F 2.31 3.72 I-80 south of Lodgepole US 30 in Lodgepole Cheyenne
L-17J 2.43 3.91 I-80 in Sidney US 30 in Sidney Cheyenne
L-20A 5.37 8.64 N-51 in Beemer US 275 north of Beemer Cuming
L-22A US 20 west of South Sioux City US 77 north of South Sioux City Dakota 01979-01-011979 Decommissioned in 1978/79 when US 20 was rerouted on I-129 and US 75 was rerouted over the South Sioux City bypass
L-23D 0.26 0.42 US 20 west of Chadron US 385 west of Chadron Dawes
L-24A 1.80 2.90 I-80 west of Lexington US 30 west of Lexington Dawson
L-24B 3.88 6.24 I-80 south of Overton US 30 in Overton Dawson
L-24D 0.28 0.45 US 30 in Gothenburg N-47 in Gothenburg Dawson Follows Avenue D, then 11th Street in Gothenburg
L-25A 0.63 1.01 I-80 south of Chappell US 385 in Chappell Deuel
L-25B 1.10 1.77 I-80 south of Big Springs US 138 in Big Springs Deuel
L-25C US 138 north of Big Springs US 30 north of Big Springs Deuel 01999-01-011999 demolished when US 30/US 138 intersection was redone
L-26D 0.35 0.56 S-26B near Concord N-116 near Concord Dixon 02002-01-012002 demolished when intersection was redone
L-28B 3.39 5.46 US 275 south of Waterloo US 6/N-31 in Elkhorn Douglas Highway is freeway for entire length.
L-28D 0.25 0.40 US 275 south of Waterloo L-28B south of Waterloo Douglas 02006-01-012006 Decommissioned when L-28B was converted to a freeway
L-28E 0.53 0.85 N-92 south of Waterloo US 275 south of Waterloo Douglas Highway marked as West N-92 westbound and West US 275 eastbound
L-28G 0.23 0.37 US 275 south of Waterloo L-28D south of Waterloo Douglas 02006-01-012006 Decommissioned when L-28B was converted to a freeway
L-28H 0.25 0.40 US 75 in Omaha I-680 in Omaha Douglas 31st Street in Omaha
L-28K 3.36 5.41 N-64 in Omaha N-133 in Omaha Douglas From west to east, follows Blair High Road, Military Road, and Northwest Radial Highway in Omaha
L-30E 1.20 1.93 US 81 in Fairmont US 6 in Fairmont Fillmore 01971-01-011971 02001-01-012001 demolished when US 81 was widened to four lanes
L-30F 0.36 0.58 N-74 in Strang US 81 in Strang Fillmore 01971-01-011971 02002-01-012002 demolished when US 81 was widened to four lanes
L-30G 0.36 0.58 US 81 in Strang N-74 in Strang Fillmore 01971-01-011971 02002-01-012002 demolished when US 81 was widened to four lanes
L-31D 1.20 1.93 US 136 west of Franklin N-10 in Franklin Franklin
L-34F US 136 southwest of Beatrice US 77 south of Beatrice Gage 01994-01-011994 Now Locust Road
L-34G US 77 N-41 Gage 01994-01-011994 eliminated when the junction was redone
L-34H 0.31 0.50 N-112 west of Blue Springs US 77 west of Blue Springs Gage
L-36A N-91 near Burwell N-11 near Burwell Garfield 01991-01-011991 demolished
L-40C 5.60 9.01 I-80 south of Alda US 30 in Alda Hall
L-40G 0.36 0.58 US 30 in Wood River N-11 in Wood River Hall
L-41D 0.54 0.87 I-80 south of Hampton US 34 in Hampton Hamilton
L-44C 0.81 1.30 US 6 west of Culbertson US 6/US 34 west of Culbertson Hitchcock
L-45B 5.74 9.24 US 275 in of Ewing US 20 north of Ewing Holt
L-50A 7.01 11.28 N-44 west of Newark N-10 east of Newark Kearney Access road to Fort Kearny State Historical Park
L-51A 1.10 1.77 I-80 south of Brule US 30 in Brule Keith
L-51B 1.00 1.61 I-80 southeast of Roscoe US 30 east of Roscoe Keith
L-51C 1.05 1.69 I-80 south of Paxton US 30 in Paxton Keith
L-53A 1.12 1.80 I-80 south of Dix US 30 in Dix Kimball
L-53B 0.41 0.66 I-80 east of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming US 30 east Pine Bluffs, Wyoming Kimball Highway contains a portion of Business Loop 80
L-53C 2.72 4.38 I-80 south of Bushnell US 30 in Bushnell Kimball
L-53D US 30 east of Kimball Potter Kimball 01978-01-011978 replaced by relocated US 30
L-53E 0.40 0.64 N-71 east of Kimball US 30 in Kimball Kimball
L-55K 0.70 1.13 US 6 in Lincoln I-80 in Lincoln Lancaster
L-55L I-80 in Lincoln I-180/US 34 in Lincoln Lancaster 01984-01-011984 Now Cornhusker Highway
L-55W 2.28 3.67 US 77 in Lincoln N-2 in Lincoln Lancaster
L-55X 2.67 4.30 US 6 in Lincoln I-80/US 77 in Lincoln Lancaster
L-56C 1.98 3.19 I-80 south of Hershey US 30 in Hershey Lincoln
L-56D 2.27 3.65 I-80 south of Brady US 30 in Brady Lincoln
L-56G 2.02 3.25 I-80 in North Platte US 30 in North Platte Lincoln Commemorative name of "Twist" Newberry Access Highway
L-59B 0.35 0.56 N-45 north of Newman Grove N-32 north of Newman Grove Madison
L-61D 0.18 0.29 US 30 southwest of Clarks N-92 southwest of Clarks Merrick
L-62A 9.08 14.61 US 26 north of Bayard US 385 north of Bridgeport Morrill
L-63A 3.11 5.01 N-39 north of Genoa N-22 north of Genoa Nance
L-64D N-105 south of Johnson US 136 south of Johnson Nemaha 01996-01-011996 demolished when the intersection was redone
L-67E 0.25 0.40 N-50 west of Table Rock N-4 west of Table Rock Pawnee
L-67F N-50 north of Pawnee City N-65 north of Pawnee City Pawnee
L-67G N-8 in Pawnee City N-65 in Pawnee City Pawnee demolished
L-71D US 81 in Columbus US 30 in Columbus Platte 01992-01-011992 Replaced by relocated US 81; the old location of US 81 is now Howard Boulevard
L-71E US 30 near Columbus US 81 near Columbus Platte 01986-01-011986 now an access road; partially demolished
L-76E 0.93 1.50 N-33 in Dorchester US 6/N-15 north of Dorchester Saline
L-79C US 26 in Henry N-92 in Lyman Scotts Bluff 01986-01-011986 Now Holloway Road / County Road 2
L-79D US 26 in Morrill N-92 Scotts Bluff 01986-01-011986 Now Morrill Road / County Road 8
L-79E 2.14 3.44 N-92 west of Minatare US 26 in Melbeta Scotts Bluff
L-79G 2.13 3.43 N-92 west of Scottsbluff N-71 in Scottsbluff Scotts Bluff 01986-01-011986 02004-01-012004 Replaced by rerouted N-92 (old route is now Old Oregon Trail)
L-80E 11.72 18.86 US 6 in Friend I-80 north of Beaver Crossing Saline, Seward Highway extends into Saline County and also serves Beaver Crossing; originally continued north to US 34
L-80F 5.70 9.17 I-80 south of Utica US 34 in Utica Seward
L-80G 5.65 9.09 I-80 south of Goehner US 34 north of Tamora Seward
L-80H 0.68 1.09 US 6 north of Milford I-80 north of Milford Seward
L-82A 3.01 4.84 N-10 east of Hazard N-68 west of Rockville Sherman
L-85F 0.60 0.97 US 81 southwest of Hebron US 136 southwest of Hebron Thayer
L-91D 0.25 0.40 N-4 south of Blue Hill US 281 south of Blue Hill Webster 02002-01-012002 demolished
L-93B 5.62 9.04 I-80 south of Waco US 34 in Waco York
L-93E 4.68 7.53 I-80 south of Waco US 34 west of York York 02010-01-012010 decommissioned between 2008 and 2010; now Road H
  •       Former


Number Length (mi)[4][5] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Counties Formed Removed Notes
S-1A 3.01 4.84 US 6 / US 34 south of Kenesaw Kenesaw Adams
S-1B 1.01 1.63 US 6 / US 34 south of Juniata Juniata Adams
S-1C 1.15 1.85 US 6 / US 34 west of Hastings Hastings Correctional Center Adams
S-1D 5.46 8.79 US 34 / US 281 west of Trumbull Trumbull Adams
S-2B 0.51 0.82 Brunswick US 20 north of Brunswick Antelope
S-4A 4.08 6.57 Harrisburg N-71 east of Harrisburg Banner
S-5A 0.1 0.2 Dunning N-2 east of Dunning Blaine
S-7A 6.2 10.0 N-87/US 385 Box Butte-Garden county line Box Butte 02000-01-012000 decommissioned when US 385 was rerouted to no longer intersect; now Dodge Road
S-8A 0.24 0.39 N-12 south of Naper Naper Boyd
S-9A 0.5 0.8 Long Pine US 20 / US 183 / N-7 north of Long Pine Brown
S-10A 0.49 0.79 Kearney Youth Development Center near Kearney US 30 in Kearney Buffalo 01994-01-011994 Given to the city of Kearney; now 30th Avenue
S-11A 0.53 0.85 Craig N-32 north of Craig Burt
S-12A 7.26 11.68 N-15 south of Schuyler Linwood Butler
S-12B 13.1 21.1 N-15 north of David City Abie Butler Highway goes east from N-15 to Bruno, then north from Bruno to Abie
S-12C 5.1 8.2 Ulysses N-15 / N-66 east of Ulysses Butler
S-12D 0.25 0.40 N-66 south of Dwight Dwight Butler
S-12E 5.92 9.53 Surprise N-92 west of Rising City Butler
S-12F 1.21 1.95 Brainard N-92 north of Brainard Butler
S-13A 0.72 1.16 N-1 south of Murdock Murdock Cass
S-13B 4.2 6.8 Alvo US 34 south of Alvo Cass 01986-01-011986 Became part of an extended N-63
S-13C 1.04 1.67 Avoca US 34 north of Avoca Cass
S-13D 0.93 1.50 US 34 south of Nehawka Nehawka Cass
S-13E 4.8 7.7 South Bend N-50 south of Louisville Cass 01994-01-011994 Became part of an extended N-66
S-13F 0.5 0.8 N-50 west of Manley Manley Cass
S-13H 2.65 4.26 N-66 south of Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cass
S-13J 3.4 5.5 Weeping Water US 34 south of Weeping Water Cass 01986-01-011986 Now 144th Street
S-13K 1.88 3.03 N-50 west of Weeping Water Weeping Water Cass
S-14A 2.17 3.49 Fordyce N-12 north of Fordyce Cedar
S-14B 0.27 0.43 N-12 south of Wynot Wynot Cedar
S-14C 0.81 1.30 Magnet N-59 north of Magnet Cedar
S-14H 5.37 8.64 N-12 south of St. Helena St. Helena Cedar
S-15A 6.7 10.8 Champion US 6 in Imperial Chase Highway also serves Champion Mill Park
S-16A 0.12 0.19 N-12 northeast of Valentine Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge Cherry
S-16B 13.47 21.68 Valentine National Wildlife Refuge US 83 south of Valentine Cherry
S-16F 18.9 30.4 Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest US 20 in Nenzel Cherry
S-17A 2.2 3.5 Road 32S L-17C Cheyenne 01996-01-011996
S-18A 2.41 3.88 US 6 south of Harvard Harvard Clay
S-18B 4.01 6.45 N-14 west of Edgar Edgar Clay
S-18C 5.03 8.10 Deweese N-14 east of Deweese Clay
S-18D 4.71 7.58 U.S. Meat Animal Research Center west of Clay Center N-14 / N-41 in Clay Center Clay
S-18E 4.51 7.26 N-74 south of Glenvil Glenvil Clay
S-18F 1.46 2.35 Ong N-74 north of Ong Clay
S-18G 1.26 2.03 US 6 south of Saronville Saronville Clay
S-19A 0.19 0.31 Leigh N-91 north of Leigh Colfax
S-19B 0.25 0.40 N-91 south of Clarkson Clarkson Colfax
S-19C 0.25 0.40 N-91 south of Howells Howells Colfax
S-21A 6.25 10.06 N-2 in Anselmo Victoria Springs State Recreation Area Custer
S-21B 0.72 1.16 N-40 south of Callaway Callaway Custer
S-21C 7.36 11.84 US 183 west of Comstock Comstock Custer
S-23A 1.93 3.11 US 20 south of Whitney Whitney Dawes
S-24C 0.11 0.18 N-40 southwest of Eddyville Eddyville Dawson
S-26A 1.29 2.08 Waterbury US 20 north of Waterbury Dixon
S-26B 2.76 4.44 N-116 west of Concord University of Nebraska Northeast Experimental Station east of Concord Dixon Passes through Concord
S-26E 2.21 3.56 N-12 in Ponca Ponca State Park Dixon
S-27A 0.26 0.42 N-91 south of Dodge Dodge Dodge
S-27D 0.55 0.89 US 275 / N-91 south of Hooper Hooper Dodge
S-28F 0.09 0.14 Bennington city limits N-36 south of Bennington Douglas 02015-01-012015 Now 156th Street; until 2000, continued further south in Bennington
S-28J 1.29 2.08 N-36 south of Washington Washington Douglas Highway enters Washington County
S-28L 0.31 0.50 N-64 north of Waterloo Waterloo city limits Douglas 02006-01-012006 Decommissioned when L-28B was converted to a freeway; now J C Robinson Boulevard
S-29A 0.3 0.5 US 34/N-61 north of Benkelman Benkelman city limits Dundy 02006-01-012006 Given to the city of Benkelman; now A Street
S-30A 1.24 2.00 N-41 in Geneva Nebraska Youth Development Center Fillmore 01979-01-011979 cancelled in exchange for creating S-30J (which was decommissioned by 2004); now 1st Street
S-30B 0.33 0.53 Shickley N-74 north of Shickley Fillmore
S-30C 0.33 0.53 Ohiowa N-74 north of Ohiowa Fillmore
S-30D 0.31 0.50 Strang N-74 north of Strang Fillmore
S-30H 0.38 0.61 Milligan N-41 north of Milligan Fillmore
S-30J 1.24 2.00 Nebraska Youth Development Center US 81 near Geneva Fillmore 01979-01-011979 02004-01-012004 Given to the city of Geneva; now R Street and 1st Street
S-31A 2.61 4.20 N-10 west of Upland Upland Franklin
S-31B 4.51 7.26 Hildreth N-10 east of Hildreth Franklin
S-31C 1.68 2.70 Naponee US 136 north of Naponee Franklin
S-34A 2.59 4.17 N-8 south of Liberty Liberty Gage
S-34B 4.65 7.48 N-41 south of Firth Firth Gage Highway enters Lancaster County
S-34C 0.24 0.39 Adams N-41 north of Adams Gage
S-34D 0.59 0.95 US 77 west of Pickrell Pickrell Gage
S-34E US 77 in Beatrice Beatrice State Developmental Center Gage 01977-01-011977 Now Lincoln Avenue
S-40A Cornhusker Ordinance Plant (now Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant) US 281 in Grand Island Hall 01978-01-011978 Decommissioned when the plant closed; now Old Potash Highway
S-40B 0.16 0.26 US 34/US 281 near Doniphan Doniphan Hall 02008-01-012008 Given to the city of Doniphan; now Platte River Drive
S-40D 6.09 9.80 Prosser N-11 / I-80 (exit 300) south of Wood River Hall Highway enters Adams County
S-41A 1.51 2.43 US 34 south of Phillips Phillips Hamilton
S-41B 6.71 10.80 Giltner US 34 west of Aurora Hamilton Highway intersects I-80 at Exit 324
S-41C 0.38 0.61 Marquette N-14 east of Marquette Hamilton
S-42A 4.15 6.68 US 183 west of Huntley Huntley Harlan
S-43A 0.23 0.37 US 6 south of Hamlet Hamlet Hayes
S-45A 4.22 6.79 US 20 south of Page Page Holt
S-47A 0.15 0.24 Farwell N-92 north of Farwell Howard
S-48A 0.38 0.61 Steele City N-8 north of Steele City Jefferson
S-49A 0.83 1.34 N-50 west of Cook Cook Johnson
S-49B 0.23 0.37 N-62 south of Elk Creek Elk Creek Johnson
S-49C 0.23 0.37 US 136 west of Crab Orchard Crab Orchard Johnson
S-54A 0.24 0.39 Verdigre N-14 / N-84 east of Verdigre Knox
S-54B 3.04 4.89 N-59 south of Winnetoon Winnetoon Knox
S-54D 8.38 13.49 N-12 east of Niobrara Santee Knox
S-55A 5.11 8.22 Denton US 6 west of Lincoln Lancaster
S-55B 1.75 2.82 Sprague N-33 north of Sprague Lancaster
S-55C 0.75 1.21 Lincoln Air Park US 34 northwest of Lincoln Lancaster
S-55D 0.5 0.8 Panama N-43 east of Panama Lancaster
S-55E 1.4 2.3 Davey US 77 east of Davey Lancaster
S-55F 2.28 3.67 US 77 / N-33 west of Roca Roca Lancaster
S-55G 3.82 6.15 US 77 west of Hickman Hickman Lancaster
S-55H 3.9 6.3 Hallam US 77 north of Cortland Lancaster
S-55J 0.49 0.79 N-79 west of Raymond Raymond Lancaster
S-55M 2.33 3.75 Malcolm US 34 southeast of Malcolm Lancaster
S-56A 3.88 6.24 Fort McPherson National Cemetery US 30 in Maxwell Lincoln Highway intersects Interstate 80 at Exit 190
S-56B 0.19 0.31 University of Nebraska North Platte Experimental Station US 83 south of North Platte Lincoln 02004-01-012004 Now State Farm Road
S-57A 2.25 3.62 US 83 / N-92 west of Gandy Gandy Logan
S-59A Business US 275 in Norfolk Norfolk Regional Center Madison 02001-01-012001 Now 557th Avenue/Victory Road; original route (cancelled 1994) now 1st Street and Benjamin Avenue
S-61A 1.75 2.82 N-92 south of Palmer Palmer Merrick
S-64A 0.48 0.77 Julian US 75 east of Julian Nemaha Highway on Nemaha County-Otoe County border
S-64B 0.44 0.71 N-105 west of Johnson Johnson Nemaha
S-64E 4.86 7.82 N-67 northeast of Shubert Indian Cave State Park Nemaha Highway lies on border with Richardson County and also enters it briefly
S-64G 0.62 1.00 N-67 south of Peru Peru Nemaha
S-65A 5.19 8.35 Oak N-4 north of Oak Nuckolls
S-66A 8.02 12.91 Douglas N-2 at Palmyra Otoe
S-66C 2.79 4.49 N-50 west of Otoe Otoe Otoe
S-66D 0.5 0.8 Talmage N-67 east of Talmage Otoe
S-66E 6.18 9.95 Burr N-50 east of Burr Otoe
S-67A 0.2 0.3 Lewiston N-4 north of Lewiston Pawnee
S-67B 2.59 4.17 Steinauer N-50 east of Steinauer Pawnee
S-67C 3.03 4.88 southwest of Pawnee City N-65 south of Pawnee City Pawnee Highway is gravel
S-70A 1.25 2.01 US 20 south of McLean McLean Pierce
S-71A 0.92 1.48 Humphrey US 81 east of Humphrey Platte
S-71B 0.97 1.56 Platte Center US 81 east of Platte Center Platte
S-71C 0.25 0.40 Creston N-91 north of Creston Platte
S-71F 1.3 2.1 Cornlea N-91 north of Cornlea Platte
S-76A 4.35 7.00 US 6 south of Cordova Cordova Saline Highway enters Seward County
S-76B N-33 south of Dorchester Dorchester Saline Now Washington Avenue
S-76C 0.76 1.22 Western N-15 east of Western Saline
S-76D 7.01 11.28 Swanton N-41 north of Swanton Saline
S-77B US 75 in Bellevue Offutt Air Force Base Sarpy 01992-01-011992
S-77C US 75 in Bellevue Offutt Air Force Base Sarpy 01992-01-011992
S-78B 0.6 1.0 N-66 south of Ithaca Ithaca Saunders
S-78C 0.29 0.47 Memphis N-66 east of Memphis Saunders
S-78D 0.67 1.08 Weston N-92 north of Weston Saunders
S-78E 4.03 6.49 N-92 south of Malmo Malmo Saunders
S-78F 0.25 0.40 Mead N-92 at Mead Saunders
S-78G 0.17 0.27 N-92 at Yutan Yutan Saunders 02008-01-012008 Now 2nd Street
S-78H 0.58 0.93 Cedar Bluffs N-109 east of Cedar Bluffs Saunders
S-78J 0.74 1.19 N-64 south of Leshara Leshara Saunders
S-79A F Road US 26 in Henry Scotts Bluff 01986-01-011986 Also entered Sioux County; County Road A and Henry Road (County Road 3)
S-79B Scotts Bluff-Sioux County Line US 26 in Morrill Scotts Bluff 01986-01-011986 Now County Road 9
S-79H 2.07 3.33 Terrytown N-92 in Scottsbluff Scotts Bluff Former alignment of Nebraska Highway 71
S-80A Pleasant Dale I-80 north of Pleasant Dale Seward 01975-01-011975 Became part of an extended N-103
S-80B 2.01 3.23 N-15 west of Bee Bee Seward
S-80C 3.54 5.70 Staplehurst N-15 east of Staplehurst Seward
S-80D 3.47 5.58 US 34 south of Garland Garland Seward
S-80E US 6 in Friend US 34 east of Utica Seward 01984-01-011984 Originally ended in Beaver Crossing; extended south to Friend in 1982; redesignated as Link 80E
S-85A 0.75 1.21 Byron N-8 north of Byron Thayer
S-85B 0.28 0.45 Hubbell N-8 north of Hubbell Thayer
S-85C 0.25 0.40 US 81 west of Bruning Bruning Thayer
S-85D 0.94 1.51 US 81 west of Belvidere Belvidere Thayer
S-85E 0.16 0.26 Deshler US 136 north of Deshler Thayer
S-85H 0.17 0.27 Hebron US 81 east of Hebron Thayer
S-86A 0.46 0.74 N-2 south of Seneca Seneca Thomas
S-86B 3.44 5.54 Nebraska National Forest (Bessey Ranger District) N-2 west of Halsey Thomas
S-87A 1.07 1.72 N-9 west of Thurston Thurston Thurston
S-87B 2.51 4.04 Rosalie US 77 east of Rosalie Thurston
S-89A 0.08 0.13 US 30 south of Kennard Kennard Washington
S-90A 0.25 0.40 N-35 south of Hoskins Hoskins Wayne
S-90B 0.18 0.29 N-35 west of Winside Winside Wayne
S-91A 1.86 2.99 N-4 south of Bladen Bladen Webster
S-91B 3.6 5.8 US 281 west of Cowles Cowles Webster
S-93A 7 11 Henderson US 34 west of Bradshaw York Intersects Interstate 80 at Exit 342
S-93C 0.3 0.5 Benedict US 81 east of Benedict York
S-93D 0.55 0.89 Nebraska Correctional Center for Women near York US 81 near York York
S-93F 0.27 0.43 McCool Junction US 81 north of McCool Junction York
  •       Former

Recreation Roads

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Counties Formed Removed Notes[4][6]
R-2A Antelope Grove Lake Recreation Road, Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park
R-2D Antelope Ashfall State Historical Park Recreation Road, Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park
R-7B Box Butte Box Butte Recreation Road, Box Butte Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-9B Brown Long Pine Recreation Road, Long Pine State Recreation Area
R-10H Buffalo Windmill State Recreation Road, Windmill State Recreation Area
R-13L Cass Louisville Lakes Recreation Road, Louisville State Recreation Area
R-13M Cass Plattsmouth Waterfowl Area Recreation Road, Schilling Wildlife Management Area
R-13N Cass Platte River Recreation Road, Platte River State Park
R-13P Cass Eugene T. Mahoney State Park Recreation Road, Eugene T. Mahoney State Park
R-15B Chase Enders Lake Recreation Road, Enders Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-15C Chase Champion Mill State Historical Park Recreation Road, Champion Mill State Historical Park
R-16C Cherry Merritt Reservoir Recreation Road, Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-16D Cherry Valentine Fish Hatchery Recreation Road, Minnechaduza Creek
R-23E Dawes Chadron State Park Recreation Road, Chadron State Park
R-23F Dawes Smiley Canyon State Wildlife Area Road, Fort Robinson State Park
R-23G Dawes Fort Robinson State Park Recreation Road, Fort Robinson State Park
R-27B Dodge Fremont Lakes Recreation Road, Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area
R-27C Dodge Dead Timber Recreation Road, Dead Timber State Recreation Area
R-28C Douglas Two Rivers Recreation Road, Two Rivers State Recreation Area
R-32A Frontier Red Willow Reservoir Recreation Road, Red Willow Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-34J Gage Rockford Lake Recreation Road, Rockford State Recreation Area
R-34K Gage Big Indian Reservoir Recreation Road, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 12-1[7]
R-34L Gage Big Indian Reservoir Recreation Road, Big Indian Creek Reservoir 12-1[7]
R-35A Garden Ash Hollow State Historical Park Recreation Road, Ash Hollow State Historical Park
R-35B Garden Windlass Hill Recreation Road, Ash Hollow State Historical Park
R-37A Gosper Johnson Lake Recreation Road, Johnson Lake State Recreation Area
R-40E Hall Mormon Island Recreation Road, Mormon Island State Recreation Area
R-44A Hitchcock Macklin Bay Recreation Road, Swanson Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-44B Hitchcock Swanson Reservoir Recreation Road, Swanson Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-48B Jefferson Rock Creek Station Recreation Road, Rock Creek Station State Historical Park
R-50B Kearney Fort Kearney Recreation Area Road, Fort Kearny State Recreation Area
R-50C Kearney Fort Kearney State Historical Park Recreation Road, Fort Kearny State Historical Park
R-51E Keith Lake McConaughy South Recreation Road, Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area
R-51F Keith Lake Ogallala Recreation Road, Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area
R-51G Keith Martin Bay Recreation Road, Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area
R-51H Keith Cedar Vue Recreation Road, Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area
R-54C Knox Wiegand Recreation Road, Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area
R-54F Knox Niobrara State Park Recreation Road, Niobrara State Park
R-55N Lancaster Blue Stem Lake Recreation Area Road, Bluestem State Recreation Area
R-55P Lancaster Wagon Train Lake Recreation Area Road, Wagon Train State Recreation Area
R-55R Lancaster Conestoga Lake Recreation Area Road, Conestoga State Recreation Area
R-55T Lancaster Branched Oak Lake Recreation Road, Branched Oak State Recreation Area
R-55U Lancaster Pawnee Lake Recreation Road, Pawnee State Recreation Area
R-55V Lancaster Kildeer Lake Recreation Road, Kildeer State Special Use Area
R-56E Lincoln Scouts Rest Ranch Recreation Road, Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park
R-56F Lincoln Maloney Reservoir Recreation Road, Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park
R-62B Morrill Bridgeport Recreation Road, Bridgeport State Recreation Area
R-62F Morrill Chimney Rock Recreation Road, Chimney Rock National Historic Site[8]
R-64F Nemaha Indian Cave Recreation Road, Indian Cave State Park
R-64H Nemaha Brownville Recreation Road, Brownville State Recreation Area
R-67D Pawnee Burchard Lake Recreation Road, Burchard Lake State Park[9]
R-69A Phelps Sacramento Game Farm Recreation Road, Sacramento-Wilcox Wildlife Management Area
R-71G Platte Lake North Recreation Road, Lake North Campground[10]
R-73A Red Willow Medicine Creek Reservoir Recreation Road, Medicine Creek State Recreation Area
R-78K Saunders Memphis Lake Recreation Road, Memphis State Recreation Area
R-82B Sherman Sherman Lake Recreation Road, Sherman Reservoir State Recreation Area
R-85G Thayer Alexandria Lakes Recreation Road, Alexandria State Recreation Area
R-88B Valley Fort Hartsuff Recreation Road, Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park
R-89B Washington Fort Atkinson State Historical Park Recreation Road, Fort Atkinson State Historical Park
R-92A Wheeler Pibel Lake Recreation Road, Pibel Lake State Recreation Area

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