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List of political parties in El Salvador

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This article lists political parties in El Salvador.

Political culture

El Salvador has a multi-party system. Two political parties, the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), have tended to dominate elections.[citation needed] ARENA candidates won four consecutive presidential elections until the election of Mauricio Funes of the FMLN in March 2009.[citation needed]

Geographically, the departments of the Central region, especially the capital and the coastal regions, known as departamentos rojos, or red departments, are relatively Leftist.[citation needed] The departamentos azules, or blue departments in the east, western and highland regions are relatively conservative.[citation needed]

Political parties

Major parties

Logo Name Abbr. Leader Ideology Legislative Assembly Mayors Central American Parliament Political position
Christian Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata Cristiano
PDC Rodolfo Parker Christian democracy
1 / 84
2 / 262
1 / 20
Grand Alliance for National Unity
Gran Alianza por la Unidad Nacional
GANA Andrés Rovira Social conservatism
Economic liberalism
Right-wing populism
Liberal conservatism
5 / 84
26 / 262
2 / 20
Nationalist Republican Alliance
Alianza Republicana Nacionalista
ARENA Érick Salguero Salvadoran nationalism
Economic liberalism
14 / 84
41 / 262
3 / 20
Nuevas Ideas
Nuevas Ideas
NI Xavier Zablah Bukele Populism
Social conservatism
56 / 84
137 / 262
14 / 20
Center to center-right
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional
FMLN Óscar Ortiz Socialism
4 / 84
31 / 262
1 / 20
National Coalition Party
Partido de Concertación Nacional
PCN Manuel Rodriguez Liberal nationalism
National liberalism
Conservative liberalism
2 / 84
16 / 262
1 / 20

Minor parties


  • Democratic Change (Cambio Democrático, CD) *disputed
  • Renewal Movement (Movimiento Renovador, MR)
  • National Pro Patria Party (Partido Nacional Pro Patria, PPP)
  • National Republican Party (Partido Republicano Nacional, PRN)
  • Salvadoran Labor Party (Partido de Labor Salvadoreño, PLS)
  • National Development Party, (Partido de Desarrollo Nacional, PDN)
  • Progressive Fraternal Party (Partido Fraternal Progresista, PFP)
  • Zaratista Party (Partido Zaratista, PZ)
  • Constitutional Party (Partido Constitucional, PC)
  • National Democratic Party (Partido Democrático Nacional, PDN)
  • Social Democratic Unification Party (Partido de Unificación Democrático Social, PUDS)
  • Social Democratic Party (Partido Social Demócrata, PSD)
  • Democratic Union Party (Partido de Unión Democrático, PUD)
  • Republican Social Front (Frente Social Republicana, FSR)
  • Salvadoran People's Party (Partido del Pueblo Salvadoreño, PPS)
  • Revolutionary Party of Democratic Unification (Partido Revolucionario de Unificación Democrática, PRUD)
  • Authentic Constitutional Party (Partido Constitucional Auténtico, PCA)
  • Renovating Action Party (Partido de Acción Renovando, PAR)
  • Renovated Action Party (Partido de Acción Renovado, PAR)
  • National Opposing Union (Unión Nacional Opuesto, UNO)
  • United Independent Democratic Front (Frente Democrática Independiente Unida, FDIR)
  • Democratic Action (Acción Democrático, AD)
  • Salvadoran Authentic Institutional Party (Partido Institucional Auténtico Salvadoreño, PIAS)
  • Stable Republican Centrist Movement (Movimiento Centrista Republicana Estable, MCRE)
  • Popular Orientation Party (Partido de Orientación Popular, POP)
  • Democratic Convergence (Convergencia Democrática, CD)
  • Authentic Democratic Christian Movement (Movimiento Cristiano Democrático Auténtico, MCDA)
  • Movement of Unity (Movimiento de Unidad, MU)
  • Movement of National Solidarity (Movimiento de Solidaridad Nacional, MSN)
  • Democratic Republican League (Lega Republicana Democrática, LRD)
  • Party of the United People and the New Deal (Partido de Pueblo Unido y el Nuevo Acuerdo, PPUNA)
  • Social Christian Union (Union Social Cristiana, UCS)

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List of political parties in El Salvador
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