List of the works of the Maître de Plougastel

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This is a listing/"catalogue raisonné" of the works of the Maître de Plougastel and his workshop between 1570 and 1621. The work includes calvaries and crosses, church decoration and some miscellaneous items. His best known work is the Calvary at Plougastel-Daoulas. He worked using kersanton stone. Little is known of the man himself. His work can be seen in the diocese of Léon, the northern part of the diocese of Cornouaille and in the Cap-Sizun area. His three main works are the Plougastel-Daoulas calvary erected between 1602 and 1604 and entirely his work, part of the porch at Guimiliau, and the calvary at Locmélar apart from the pietà and the statue of the Virgin Mary reversed with Mary Magdalene.

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