List of works by Mary Cassatt

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The following is a list of works by Mary Cassatt that are generally accepted as autograph by the Adelyn Dohme Breeskin catalog and other sources.

Table info: Image, Title, Year, Dimensions, Inventory nr....
ImageTitleYearDimensionsInventory nr.GalleryLocation
Mary_Cassatt_-_Picking_flowers_in_a_field_--_1875.jpgPicking flowers in a field187510 1/2 in x 13 1/2 inprivate collection
Cassat_-_Blue_Armchair_NGA.jpgLittle Girl in a Blue Armchair187835 in x 51 in1983.1.18National Gallery of ArtWashington D.C.
Mary_Stevenson_Cassatt%2C_American_-_Woman_with_a_Pearl_Necklace_in_a_Loge_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgWoman with a Pearl Necklace187931 5/8 in x 23 inPMA 1978-1-5Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia
Cassatt_Mary_At_the_Theater_1879.jpgLydia Leaning on Her Arms (in a theatre box)187921 5/8 in x 17 3/4 inCollection Mrs. William Coxe WrightSt. Davids, PA
Mary_Stevenson_Cassatt%2C_American_-_A_Woman_and_a_Girl_Driving_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgA Woman and a Girl Driving187935 1/4 in x 51 1/2 inPhiladelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia
Mary_Cassat_-_Lilacs_in_a_Window_-_MMA_1997.207.jpgLilacs in a Window187924.2 in × 20.3 inMMA 1997.207Metropolitan Museum of ArtNYC
Mary_Stevenson_Cassatt_-_In_the_Loge_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgIn the Loge188032 in x 26 in10.35Museum of Fine Arts, BostonBoston
Cassatt_Mary_Tea_1879-1880.jpgTea188025 1/2 in x 36 1/4 in42.178Museum of Fine Arts BostonBoston
Mary_Cassatt_-_Mother_About_to_Wash_Her_Sleepy_Child_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgMother About to Wash Her Sleepy Child188039 1/2 in × 25 7/8 inM.62.8.14Los Angeles County Museum of ArtLos Angeles
Young_Girl_at_a_Window_by_Mary_Cassat%2C_c._1883-1885_-_Corcoran_Gallery_of_Art_-_DSC01154.JPGSusan on a Balcony holding a dog188339 1/2 in × 25 1/2 inCorcoran Gallery of ArtWashington D.C.
Mary_Cassatt%2C_Reading_%E2%80%9CLe_Figaro%E2%80%9D%2C_1878%2C_Collection_Mrs._Eric_de_Spoelberch%2C_Haverford%2C_Pennsylvania.jpgReading “Le Figaro”188341 in x 33 inCollection Mrs. Eric de SpoelberchHaverford, Pennsylvania
Family_Painting_Mary_Cassatt.jpgThe Family188632 in x 26 inChrysler Museum of ArtNorfolk, Virginia
Mary_Cassatt_-_Girl_Arranging_Her_Hair_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgGirl Arranging Her Hair188629 1/2 in x 24 1/2 in1963.10.97National Gallery of ArtWashington D.C.
Cassatt_Mary_Mother_and_Child_1890.jpgEmmie and her Child188935 3/8 in x 25 3/8 inWichita Art MuseumKansas
Mary_Cassatt_-_Mrs._Robert_S._Cassatt%2C_the_Artist%27s_Mother_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgMrs. Robert S. Cassatt, the Artist's Mother188938 in x 27 in1979.35Fine Arts Museums of San FranciscoSan Francisco
Young_Woman_in_a_Black_and_Green_Bonnet%2C_Looking_Down.jpgYoung Woman in a Black and Green Bonnet189025 9/16 x 20 1/2 inx1953-119Princeton University Art MuseumPrinceton, New Jersey
Mary_Cassatt_-_Baby%27s_First_Caress.jpgBaby's First Caress189130 in x 24 inNew Britain Museum of American ArtNew Britain, Connecticut
Mary_Cassatt_-_The_Letter.jpgThe Letter189113 5/8 in x 9 inArt Institute of ChicagoChicago
The_Child%27s_Bath_by_Mary_Cassatt_1893.jpgThe Child's Bath189339 1/2 in × 26 in1910.2Art Institute of ChicagoChicago
Mary_Cassatt_-_Baby_Reaching_for_an_Apple_-_1893.jpgBaby Reaching for an Apple189339 in x 25 1/2 inMrs. Blaine DurhamHume, VA
Mary_Cassatt_-_The_Boating_Party_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgThe Boating Party189335 1/2 in × 46 1/8 in1963.10.94National Gallery of ArtWashington D.C.
Mary_Cassatt_-_Summertime_-_1894.jpgSummertime189429 in x 38 inArmand Hammer FoundationLos Angeles
Mary_Cassatt_-_Ellen_Mary_Cassatt_In_A_White_Coat_-_1896.jpgEllen Mary Cassatt In A White Coat189632 in x 24 inprivate collection
Breakfast_in_Bed_%281897%29_by_Mary_Cassatt%2C_Huntington_Library.jpgBreakfast in Bed189725 5/8 in × 29 inHuntington LibrarySan Marino, California
Mary_Cassatt_-_Under_the_Horse-Chestnut_Tree_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgUnder the Horse Chestnut Tree189819 x 15 inMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston (this original), Library of CongressHouston and Washington D.C.
Mary_Cassatt_-_Gardner_and_Ellen_Mary_Cassatt_-_MMA_57.182.jpgGardner and Ellen189925 in × 18 3/4 inMMA 57.182Metropolitan Museum of ArtNYC
Mary_Cassatt_-_Madame_A._F._Aude_and_Her_Two_Daughters_-_1899.jpgMadame A. F. Aude and Her Two Daughters189921 3/8 in × 31 7/8 inCollection Durand-RuelParis
Young_Mother_Sewing_MET_DP139632.jpgYoung Mother Sewing190036 3/8 x 29 in29.100.48Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York City
Mary_Cassatt_004.jpgAfter the Bath190125 3/4 in × 39 1/4 inCleveland Museum of ArtCleveland
Reine_LeFebvre_Holding_a_Nude_Baby%2C_1902-1903%2C_by_Mary_Cassatt_%281844-1926%29_-_Worcester_Art_Museum_-_IMG_7611.JPGReine LeFebvre Holding a Nude Baby190226 7/8 in × 22 1/2 inWorcester Art MuseumWorcester, MA
Mary_Cassatt_-_Margot_%28Lefebvre%29_in_Blue_-_Walters_37303.jpgMargot (Lefebvre) in Blue190224 in × 19 5/8 in37.303Walters Art MuseumBaltimore
Cassatt_Mary_Simone_in_a_White_Bonnet_1901.jpgSimone in a White Bonnet190325 1/2 in × 16 1/2 inprivate collectionTexas
Mother_and_Child_-_Cassatt_1905.jpgMother and Child190536 1/4 in x 29 in1963.10.98National Gallery of ArtWashington D.C.
Mary_Cassatt_-_Fran%C3%A7oise_Holding_a_Little_Dog_-_1906_-_26.124.jpgFrançoise Holding a Little Dog190626 7/8 in x 22 3/4 in26.124Huntington LibrarySan Marino, California
Mary_Cassatt_-_Antoinette_at_her_dressing_table_-_1909.jpgAntoinette at her dressing table190936 1/2 in x 28 1/2 inCollection Mrs. Samuel E. JohnsonChicago, Illinois
Mary_Cassatt_-_The_Crochet_Lesson_-_1913.jpgThe Crochet Lesson191330 1/8 in x 25 1/2 inCollection Melville and Estelle GelmanWashington D.C.
Mary_Cassatt_-_Mother_daughter_and_son_-_1913.jpgMother, Young daughter, and Son191343 1/4 in. x 33 1/4 inMemorial Art GalleryRochester, NY