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This is a timeline of architecture, indexing the individual year in architecture pages. Notable events in architecture and related disciplines including structural engineering, landscape architecture, and city planning. One significant architectural achievement is listed for each year.

ContentsSummary of events in architecture – by year
21st Century:2000s2010s - 2020s
20th Century:1900s1910s1920s1930s1940s1950s1960s1970s1980s1990s
19th Century:1800s1810s1820s1830s1840s1850s1860s1870s1880s1890s
18th Centary:1700s1710s1720s1730s1740s1750s1760s1770s1780s1790s
Pre-18th Century:1000s1100s1200s1300s1400s1500s1600s
3rd millennium BC2nd millennium BC1st millennium BC1st millennium AD

Articles for each year (in bold text, below) are summarized here with a significant event as a reference point.