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Little Boxes

Song by Malvina Reynolds, popularized by Pete Seeger / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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"Little Boxes" is a song written and composed by Malvina Reynolds in 1962. The song was first released by her friend, Pete Seeger, in 1963, and became his only charting single in January 1964.

Quick facts: "Little Boxes", Song by Pete Seeger, Released...
"Little Boxes"
Song by Pete Seeger
Songwriter(s)Malvina Reynolds
Official audio"Little Boxes" on YouTube
Aerial view of tract housing in Daly City, California, a suburb of San Francisco, which inspired Reynolds to write the song

The song is a social satire about the development of suburbia and associated conformist middle-class attitudes. It mocks suburban tract housing as "little boxes" of different colors "all made out of ticky-tacky" and which "all look just the same". "Ticky-tacky" is a reference to the shoddy material supposedly used in the construction of the houses.[1]

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