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"Little Boxes" is a song written and composed by Malvina Reynolds in 1962, which became a hit for her friend Pete Seeger in 1963, when he released his cover version.

Aerial view of tract housing in Daly City, California, a suburb of San Francisco, which inspired Reynolds to write the song
Quick facts: "Little Boxes", Song by Pete Seeger, Released...
"Little Boxes"
Song by Pete Seeger
Songwriter(s)Malvina Reynolds
Official audio"Little Boxes" on YouTube

The song is a social satire about the development of suburbia, and associated conformist middle-class attitudes. It mocks suburban tract housing as "little boxes" of different colors "all made out of ticky-tacky", and which "all look just the same". "Ticky-tacky" is a reference to the shoddy material supposedly used in the construction of the houses.[1]

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