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Loray Mill strike

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The Loray Mill strike of 1929 in Gastonia, North Carolina, was a notable strike action in the labor history of the United States. Though largely unsuccessful in attaining its goals of better working conditions and wages, the strike was considered successful in a lasting way; it caused an immense controversy which gave the labor movement momentum in the South.

Loray Mill strike
Loray Mill c.1908
DateApril 1 – September 14, 1929
GoalsForty-hour workweek, $20 weekly wage, union recognition, no stretch-out system
Parties to the civil conflict
National Textile Workers Union
Vigilante groups
Gaston County Sheriff's Department
Gastonia Police Department
NC National Guard
Lead figures

Fred Erwin Beal
Ellen Dawson
Ella Mae Wiggins

Sheriff Alderholt
Mayor Rankin
Gov. O. Max Gardner

Casualties and losses
Deaths: 1
Deaths: 1