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Louise Lagrange (19 August 1898 – 28 February 1979) was a French film actress.[1]

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Louise Lagrange
Louise Lagrange in The Side Show of Life (1924)
Louise Marie Lagrange

19 August 1898
Died28 February 1979
Paris, France
Other namesLouise Vinot
Years active1907–1951 (film)
Spouse(s)Maurice Tourneur
William Elliot
RelativesMarthe Vinot (sister)
Maurice Vinot (brother-in-law)
Pierre Blanchar (brother-in-law)
Dominique Blanchar (niece)

Lagrange was born in Oran, French Algeria, and had a film career spanning from 1907 through 1951. Beginning her career as a child actor before the First World War, she appeared in French and American films, and was in the serial Les Vampires (1915–1916). She wed twice, with her first marriage to the film director Maurice Tourneur and the second to stage performer William Elliot.

Her sister was fellow actress Marthe Vinot, married first to Maurice Vinot and then to Pierre Blanchar and mother of Dominique Blanchar.[2]

She died in Paris in 1979.