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Macaroni and cheese

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Macaroni and cheese (also called mac and cheese in Canada and the United States and macaroni cheese in the United Kingdom[1]) is a dish of cooked macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce, most commonly Cheddar sauce.[2][3]

Quick facts: Alternative names, Course, Place of origin, R...
Macaroni and cheese
Alternative namesMac and cheese, macaroni pie, macaroni cheese
CourseMain or side dish
Place of originEngland
Region or stateWidespread across the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada
Serving temperatureHot or warm
Main ingredientsMacaroni, cheese, milk, butter

The traditional macaroni and cheese is a casserole baked in the oven; however, it may be prepared in a sauce pan on top of the stove or using a packaged mix.[3] The cheese is often first incorporated into a Béchamel sauce to create a Mornay sauce, which is then added to the pasta. In the United States, it is considered a comfort food.[4][5]