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Macro (or MACRO) may refer to: Macroscopic, subjects visible to the eye Macro photography, a type of close-up photography Image macro, a picture with

Nergis Mavalvala

example, she has performed pioneering experiments on laser cooling of macroscopic objects and in the generation of squeezed quantum states of light. Mavalvala

Ice calving

Iceberg (calving) Icicle Jacking Jam Nucleus Sheet Shove Spike Stalactites Macroscopic quantum phenomena Névé Needle Rime hard soft Sea Slurry Slush Storm Superionic

Quantum foam

enough to cause significant departures from the smooth spacetime seen at macroscopic scales, giving spacetime a "foamy" character. In 2009 the two MAGIC (Major

Particle physics

mass objects, like subatomic particles. By comparison, an example of a macroscopic system, one gram of hydrogen, has ~ 6×1023 times the mass of a single