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Madhyadesha or the "middle country" was one of the five sub-divisions of ancient India that extended from the upper reaches of the Ganga and the Yamuna to the confluence of the two rivers at Prayaga. The territory of middle region constitutes a cogent entitygeographically as well as culturally. Inside northern India (ancient Aryavarta) this region has been instrumental in guiding main currents of history and spread of civilization from a very early age.[1]

From sixth century BC, the history of this region can be properly recovered. The entire region is considered sacred in the Hindu mythology as gods and heroes mentioned in the two epicsRamayana and Mahabharatalived here. Its subsequent history got mingled with the Puranas and other Hindu scriptures. The region saw the rise and fall of several Mahajanapadas such as Kurus, Panchalas, Kosala and dynasties of Kushans and Guptas. After the fall of Gupta Dynasty in the 6th century AD, this region was ruled by region powers—the Maukharies of Kannauj and Harsha of Thaneshwar. The Gurjara Pratiharas and Gahadvalas held their sway over the region during 9th and 10th centuries.[2]