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Makara (Sanskrit: मकर, romanized: Makara) is a legendary sea-creature in Hindu mythology.[1] In Hindu astrology, Makara is equivalent to the Zodiac sign Capricorn.

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Makara at the Konarak temple
Makara as the Vahana (vehicle) of the goddess Ganga

Makara appears as the vahana (vehicle) of the river goddess Ganga, Narmada, and of the god of the ocean, Varuna.[2] Makara are considered guardians of gateways and thresholds, protecting throne rooms as well as entryways to temples; it is the most commonly recurring creature in Hindu and Buddhist temple iconography, and also frequently appears as a gargoyle or as a spout attached to a natural spring. Makara-shaped earrings called Makarakundalas are sometimes worn by Hindu deities, for example Shiva, Vishnu, Surya, and Chandi. Makara is also the insignia of the love god Kamadeva, who has no dedicated temples and is also known as Makaradhvaja, "one whose flag depicts a makara".