The Master Musicians of Joujouka

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The Master Musicians of Joujouka are a collective of Jbala Sufi trance musicians, serving as a modern representation of a centuries-old music tradition.[1] The collective was first documented by Western journalists in the early 1950s,[2] and was brought to widespread international attention by Brian Jones in 1969.[1] They have collaborated with many Western rock and jazz musicians.[3]

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The Master Musicians of Joujouka
OriginJajouka, Morocco
GenresFolk music, World,
Sufi music of Morocco
Years activeearly 1950s–present
LabelsRolling Stones Records, Adelphi, Sub Rosa, Ergot
MembersSee: Members
WebsiteMaster Musicians of Joujouka official site

The collective includes more than 50 musicians from the village of Jajouka (sometimes spelled as Joujouka or Zahjouka), in the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco. All members are the sons of previous members, and adopt the surname Attar ("perfume maker").[1] In the 1990s, the collective split into two factions, with the other currently known as The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar.[3]